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Tim's Big Game Blog

Rock Island County road-kill monster buck

Sat, November 13, 2010

road kill rock island

Word on this buck is that it was found road-killed in Rock Island County near the Moline airport. It probably has a broken skull plate, but he’s huge!


There are some great pics of him on the hoof as well. Apparently he was well known around where he was hit. A backyard buck.

Posted by illin on November 14

Its almost sad too see a deer like that hit by a car, Awesome deer!!!!

Posted by WhitetailFreak on November 14

Tim would know better than most, but I believe broken racks can be repaired, measured, and entered with B&C as long as everything is original and it is clear that the rack is repaired to original dimensions.  Presumably that would also include a broken skull plate?  The other photo of this buck, shown here

shows a narrower spread than in the post-roadkill photo above.  HUGE and fabulous rack none-the-less.  It is amazing what is wandering around urban and suburban areas these days.

Posted by SouthsideRiverRat on November 14

That live photo show’s that the deer does indeed have a broken Skull plate and cannot be measured officially-it will not be accepted by BnC due to the inside spread measurement.It will not be accurate.

you are correct on broken beams and points however, but they cannot already be re-attached- the measurer must see that they go back into place and close up photo’s must be taken before they are permenatly fixed-for the records office to review- This is a BnC ruling only, as PnY will not accept broke antlers of any kind.

Posted by walmsley on November 15

Well…that makes perfect sense…that the broken skull plate would call into question the inside spread, and therefore the entire score.

Nonetheless…I hope somebody approximates the skull plate (based on the live photo’s) and tries to score it just for interest sake.  It looks lake a really big typical 5x5 except that weird left brow tine & associated atypical growth around the left base would really lower the final score.  Always something…

Posted by SouthsideRiverRat on November 15

With the skull hide pulled back, they ought to be able to reconnect the skull into its exact original position in order to get an accurate spread score.

Posted by Treehugger on November 17

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