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Tim's Big Game Blog

Massive Buck

Tue, November 21, 2017

big buck

This buck has some age to it!


Actually we believe this deer is only 4 years old. I know this deer well because I’m the guy behind the camera of this photo. The body of this deer was not that big. Also, the hunter has lots of pictures from this year and last year that would verify the age. He was really nice last year as a 3 year old and then blew up this year. It would have been cool to see how big he could have gotten, but the neighbors had the entire surrounding fence lines littered with blinds and treestands. 182 2/8”

Posted by phelpsy80 on November 22

Phelpsy- that is very interesting- thanks for the update-Like you say: What great genetics he has! Gorgeous buck! Congrats to the hunter!
I know from friends in his line of work, he’s taken some Dandy’s!

Posted by walmsley on November 22

Yes he has. This guy is a great friend and a great hunter. 14 consecutive days on stand hunting for this specific deer playing winds, dealing with constant neighboring pressure and just trying not to spook him. I had been on the phone with him almost every day this fall getting updates, so I know the amount of effort he put into getting him.

Posted by phelpsy80 on November 22

Tim, Thanks for posting!  Always nice to see good deer pics.
Congrats to the hunter what an awesome buck, and sounds like well deserved!
That is great genetics for a 4 year old, I’m sure he has a few offspring running around that just need a little age and they’ll be great deer as well! smile

Posted by BOWHUNTR on November 22

It truly is a refreshing story when a hunter targets a certain buck like this and then takes him- A awesome accomplishment. So rewarding!

Posted by walmsley on November 22

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