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Tim's Big Game Blog

Iowa muzzleloader buck

Sat, January 21, 2017

Iowa muzzleloader kill

Once again, we go to Iowa, this time for a big muzzleloader kill from late December.


I’ve heard of deer not losing their velvet.  Not sure if that’s the case with this buck but the rack looks weird.  Almost like the antlers are in some sort of decay.

Posted by buckbull on January 22

That’s definitely velvet

Posted by bw on January 23

Yes it is velvet. There are many reasons that they may not shed their velvet. Possible causes are cryptorcidism (retained testicle), testicular tumors, an antlered doe, testicular injury to name a few. The condition is caused my low testosterone levels.

Posted by kschroeder.DVM on January 23

“Once again, we go to Iowa, this time for a big muzzleloader kill from late December.” - Tim, we are all well aware of your agenda at this point.  When we want to see big Illinois bucks we go to other websites.

Posted by Gobble Gobble on January 23

Sory GG, no Agenda- I didn’t even write the Caption, Jeff Lampe did!

Would love to post giant Illinois bucks here all day long- Send me some or send them to Jeff!

Glad you found other websites you like!

Posted by walmsley on January 23

From what I’ve read, Gobble Gobble has his own agenda on this site.

Posted by bw on January 24

OK I will start posting them for you:

Posted by Gobble Gobble on January 27

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