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Tim's Big Game Blog

Iowa 206-inch typical?

Thu, December 05, 2013

Iowa 206 inch typical

Seems like every deer season, a huge buck picture or two make the rounds stating it will be the new world record. Well this is the first one I’ve seen this year, a supposed northeast Iowa giant! The email says it’s a 206-inch typical Bowkill. Is that Net? Gross? Accurate? No one knows for sure.

To be a new record, it’s gotta beat one famous Illinois Buck, the Mel Johnson deer (pictured below) which has held the world record spot since 1965 from that Peoria county bean field at 204 4/8” Net. The buck is a main frame 12 pointer with one small sticker. Ten and 11 pointers haven’t done so well in knocking him off his thrown, and neither have all the big basic 12 for that matter. 

mel johnson and buck

Time will tell!

No Matter what: It’s appears to be one heck of a deer!  “I know, not the best photo.” But congrats to the hunter!


Another great Iowa giant.  Congrats!

Posted by Andy Meador on December 06

Personally I wouldn’t like to see Mel’s record be broken. To me, he exemplifies old school bow hunting and true woodsmanship. Plus, his is from Illinois. Maybe just another sign that Iowa has better hunting than illinois. My dad lives over there, maybe i should just move there smile

Posted by Illinoisbassnbucks on December 06

That’s a big freakin deer!!!!Congrats

Posted by WhitetailFreak on December 06

Totally agree BassnBucks!  It is awesome knowing that Mel’s monster was taken with a recurve…probably within 20 yards.  That’s true bowhunting.  I’m sick of hearing about people taking 40, 50, and 60 yard shots.  Bowhunting is about closing the distance, otherwise stick to gun hunting.

Posted by mountain man on December 06

I saw an interview with Mel where I believe he said that monster walked by him at 15-20 FEET.  Not sure if he shot him at the range, but I’m pretty sure he said he walked by him at that distance.  Both incredible bucks btw.  Congrats.

Posted by Treehugger on December 06

I agree IBB!  Hope Mel’s deer conitnues to reign!  I talked to Mel at the deer classic a few years ago and he said that Even He couldn’t believe it had stood this long. It shows just how rare a net typical over 200” is when Illinois has only produced Two in history. “Legal ones that is”-

Posted by walmsley on December 06

My thoughts exactly mountmain man. Bow hunting is about closing the distance, and I absolutely love it. Got my two bucks this year, one @ 20 yards and one at about 10 yards(if that) off the ground! It was my first bow kill off the ground in my 5 years of hunting. Just hiding against the tree with some cover in front of me. It was amazing to be that close, nearly face to face with the 8 pointer before I took him.

Posted by Illinoisbassnbucks on December 10

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