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Recent entries


Tim's Big Game Blog

Alaskan kills huge moose

Thu, October 19, 2017

alaska moose

An Alaskan has harvested what could be a record-breaking bull moose.

Here’s the report from KTUU 2 television station:

This week Alaska’s Israel Payton brought home what is believed to be a world record bull moose at 80 inches.

“We tried to stand it up with cow calls, bull rakes, and grunts,” said Payton over the phone. “I guesstimated it was about a 70 inch rack from the field, and finally after 2 hours it stood up and offered a clean kill, harvested it.”

Payton tells us he was hunting with a friend, when on day 3 of the hunt he spotted the bull from about 600 yards away.

He says they were able to get within 200 yards providing him with an ethical shot, but then the moose bedded down so the hunters had to wait.

Two hours later the moose stood up, and the rest is record breaking history.

“You always get a big adrenaline rush right before you harvest an animal, anyway I do,” said Payton. “When I got up next to the animal I realized how big and massive it truly was.”

Payton tells us it took a full day to pack the moose out, and with the meat he plans to share with his family, his parents, and probably 3 more families. The moose should feed them until next hunting season


Bobcat vs. gray squirrel

Thu, March 30, 2017

Skip Moore was sitting in a Jasper County tree stand with his grandson Tristan last deer season when they witnessed something remarkable. A bobcat that was hellbent to eat this gray squirrel! 

The video shows just how good they can climb tree’s! If you turn up the volume, you can here the squirrel giving the kitty hell, and you can also hear turkeys in the background sounding the alarm about the cat being in their area! 

What a neat experience to share together!


Big Kansas bowkill

Fri, February 10, 2017

kansas buck 2017 1

Here’s an archery kill in Kansas that was a 191 gross typical with a whopping 46 inches of mass and 27-inch beams.

kansas buck 2017 2