Stream Stalker

Amazing footage of Geese leading deer across the lake.

Thu, October 23, 2014

Just received this.  It is amazing to watch.  Take the time to watch it - you won’t be disappointed!                   


Mushrooms and Muskies

Wed, October 15, 2014

Had quite an interesting past weekend.  Started out by traveling home to Whiteside County to allow my son to deer hunt.  The deer hunting was very poor as we did not see a deer (though my son only wanted to hunt one day - frustration/short attention span).  But, while I was home I was able to find these delectable treats:

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Hen of the Woods.  Found all of them around one tree.  About 8 separate mushrooms.  They are very yummy.  Been trying to eat them as fast as I can.  I have given some away and my father in law is dehydrating them so we can have some this winter.  Found the tree in a guy’s yard right along the road.  Asked permission and he said have at them…

Then on Monday I had the day off thanks to Mr. Columbus.  Headed to Banner Marsh with my good buddy and fellow muskie fly fisherman, Dustin Hinds.  We had a great day.  We had about 12 follows from some very nice sized fish.  It was not my day as I could not get those pesky muskies to bite.  I could get them to the boat on the follow, but I could not get them to eat.  Luckily, Dustin caught two:

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Image and video hosting by TinyPic

The big one ate right at the boat on a figure eight.  Watching that and then watching the subsequent great fight on the fly rod was worth the trip.  All the action came on flies that I had created, so that was cool.  My time is coming.  I was so close to getting it done on Monday.  I figure I still got a good month and a half of muskie fishing left to go.


Muskies Win Again

Mon, October 06, 2014

While Fall is great for river smallies, it is also prime time for Muskies.  Since my local river was running high, I decided to start my fall muskie quest with the fly rod.  Long time buddy, Todd Clanin took me over to Banner Marsh.  This is my first time ever fishing Banner and I liked what I saw.  Clear water with very defined weed edges.  We got there early and it was cold with a fair amount of wind.

Not too far from the ramp, Todd had a follow on a glide bait.  Then I had a follow right up to the boat.  The fish was really “hot” and I really thought he was going to eat right at the boat.  He even opened his mouth, but did not suck in the big fly.

Todd connected with a small muskie on his glide bait, while I had two more follows from small muskies, but could not get them to eat.  Todd had a few more follows as well but could not seal the deal.  Man, these Muskies are tough sometimes.

My quest continues on Friday…...............

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