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Non-Typical Hunter

Early season buck

Thu, October 13, 2011

I love to hear stories from young hunters, especially when they have a good time from being in the woods. I would rather see them in the timber than sitting behind a computer all day and night playing video games. Luke Perring is one of those guys who loves the outdoors. He’s a friend of mine and lives to be in the deer timber, much like me. Hat’s off to you Luke on your early season big buck!

Here’s Luke’s story in his own words:

The word procrastination is an understatement when it comes to how I prepared for the 2011 Illinois archery season. September 30th was the day I chose to double check my bow and test out my broad heads, this was my mistake as I quickly discovered that my bow was completely out of tune and I had to make an emergency run to the bow shop. With my arrows shooting straight and my broad heads hitting their mark, I was ready for opening day, the following day, October 1st.

My newly found cameraman/ friend Kenny and I hit the woods opening morning, eager to kill a good–eating doe on camera with my Hoyt Alphamax. As we made our way through the dark, we finally found our double treestand hanging twenty feet in an oak nestled along Salt Creek, a natural big buck highway. It was unusually cold at 37 degrees. Once we got settled in, we awaited the woods to finally wake up so we could start seeing some action.
After a short thirty minute sit, we heard a popping sound down below us, hidden beneath the lush, green trees. I glared into my friends eyes awaiting the reaction he would deliver, letting me know what he saw. His eyes grew wide and he whispered, “Big buck, big buck!” In astonishment I turned to see a large buck crossing a trail, not twenty yards away, moving away from me, I grasped my bow and drew my arrow back to my anchor point and tried to find the buck’s vitals in my blurry peep sight, I let out a bleating noise and the buck stopped in his tracks broadside at 28 yards, I settled my one and only pin high on his shoulder and released my G5 Montec tipped arrow and heard a loud “Thwack” sound and saw the buck scramble through the timber.

My friend and I shouted in excitement, nearly leaping from our tree stands, we finally regained composure only to relive the story again and get just as excited! We tripped down our ladder as quickly as we possibly could to recover our deer after a fifteen minute celebration in the tree. I soon found a broken arrow and decent amount of blood, but it didn’t matter, the brute of a buck, laid slain only a few bounds from where he was shot.

The arrow went through his left shoulder, penetrating both lungs and his heart, the broad head was buried in the opposite shoulder, the buck was quickly immobilized and was practically dead before he hit the ground. It was a clean kill. Equipped with a beautifully symmetrical ten point rack, the buck was beautiful! He was my biggest whitetail ever, and with a bow! Weighing 265 pounds on the hoof and gross scoring 150 inches, I could not be more proud.


no better feeling than that… congrats nice buck!

Posted by jordn88 on October 13

Nice Deer!!!!!

Posted by WhitetailFreak on October 13

Good lookin deer with the dark antlers!!!! That deer will make a very nice mount. Congrats!!!!

Posted by OvercupArcher on October 14

Awesome!  Congrats!

Posted by dux_99 on October 14

Nice, Very nice, way to take the time to get some good picutres too…... Congrats on Dandy buck

Posted by Flatlander on October 14

Thats a great buck, a well written story, and very good pictures

Posted by aerosmith16 on October 14

Great shot and a great deer!  Congrats!

Posted by Andy Meador on October 18

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