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Non-Typical Hunter

Changing times ahead

Wed, January 16, 2013

Back in the 90’s I remember people passing emails stating that Bill Clinton was going to send someone door-to-door to pick up your guns. I laughed. I knew it wasn’t going to happen and it never did. In fact, it was Bill Clinton who suggested that we place a police officer in our schools at a cost of $60,000,000.00 and “they laughed”. Nobody’s laughing now with over a dozen school children slaughtered, and I’m not laughing either with what just happened in NY. with the gun restriction laws that just passed.

We can go back and forth how they immediately placed armed marshal’s in our airliners right after 9/11 or how the president’s children are protected with armed officers at their school but the notion of protecting OUR children with police officers is “Absurd”? I watched David Gregory from Meet the Press a few weeks ago ridicule the NRA’s Wayne LePeirre for suggesting officers in schools, yet it is reported that Gregory has HIS children in a school with 11 armed officers! I also listened to him sarcastically state to Wayne that his members are decreasing. I do believe that’s a shame! With over one hundred million gun owners in the U.S. we have only four million NRA members? That needs to change folks!

The NRA has come a long way and there has never been a better spoke’s person than Wayne LePeirre. He’s professional, to the point and well versed. He stands up to the UN, the president, the media and many other anti-second amendment activists. The writing’s on the wall; they want the second amendment gone!

Yes, there’s a lot of chatter online that the Sandy Hook massacre was all staged, etc. Don’t believe it. I personally know an uncle to one of the victims; sadly it’s real folks. Of course it’s being used as a political tool or they would have no problem placing armed police officers in our public schools too, just like in our airplanes, etc. So now I get to sound like the paranoid pro gun activist when I say “Gun bans are coming unless we do something about it”.

If you haven’t signed up with the NRA, I ask that you do. Here’s a link NRA

The NRA NEEDS you and we NEED them to squelch this political atmosphere that will ultimately destroy what’s left of our second amendment, which of course is part of our Bill of Rights.

On another note, continue to watch what happens to our Illinois deer herd. Some of us have been saying this for years (and have been ridiculed for it) but it’s going to continue to decline unless we do something about it too! There is an agenda that is not easily seen by all, but make no mistake, it’s there. Continue to use solid management techniques and take only what you can use. This sediment has been quietly spreading across America and it’s now affecting all of us.

I would rather write about hunting strategies than of losing our second amendment rights people, but we are at the brink of destruction and we ALL need to get up and do something about it now! Believe me when I tell you that I’m not laughing any more. It’s real. 


Marc you were never ridiculed, the fact is that your interpretation of the data is not the same as everyone.  I understand that when it comes to filling tags, trophy management and x-bows that you have the best interest of yourself in mind- I respectfully disagree with your interpretations.  Fact is that this states eco-system could not support the deer numbers from the mid-90’s.  Disease will be setting us back way more than the DNR or any other conspiracy theories.  I attribute this to us congragating deer and not killing enough when we should have.  Did you really think that seeing 80-100 deer in 1 field was a “good” thing?  I think Mother nature showed you who is the ultimate deer manager.

Posted by PIMPSTAFFER HATER on January 16

PH, I respect your opinion also, really, but we come from 2 different angles. First and foremost, you’ve never read anything that I’ve written stating I’m against X-bows, but rather against too many seasons and too many tags. Second, I speak with biologists, hunters and management professionals from all over the Midwest and they’re crying the same scenario. Some of us have been around long enough to see patterns (or history) repeat itself, but today, we’re fighting too may obstacles. This isn’t about me as you stated above, (and I don’t take offense to that) because if it were, I would want something totally different that what I think was needed for the state as a whole. Like the gun rights example I wrote about above, I could care less if I ever owned an AR-15 (and I’ve never owned one) but it’s about the right to own one. Some counties are so thinned out now, It’s nearly impossible for anyone to kill a deer, even with a gun. You mentioned disease above; what happened this year? Less deer and now a major drought which ultimately lead to EHD…and not from too many deer. Quite the contrary. So I’ll say it again, there’s an agenda going on to reduce the herd even more, and if you’re OK with that, so be it. If you are blessed enough to hunt an abundance of deer, more power to you, but I can tell you, I hunt many parts of this state and it’s pathetic. Illinois used to be the De facto leader in whitetails, not any more. Illinois’ agricultural ecosystem can handle much, much, more that we can throw at it, but will agree with you to a certain point that we should’t push it that far. The deer herd is being sold off to the highest bidder here in Illinois and we have nobody but ourselves to manage it any longer.

Posted by Marc Anthony on January 16

NRA membership…check
ISRA membership..check
Phone calls…...check
Sign petitions…check

Deer population…????

Posted by tw67 on January 16

Bottom line is we should all join or renew our memberships to the NRA.  As well as encourage others to do so.

I agree 100% with you Marc on your views of the Illinois deer herd as well as Walmsleys.  Thanks for all you guys do

Posted by Andy Meador on January 16

“If the life of one child can be saved”...ban guns from law abidding citzens?

What about LIFE in prison for ALL gang bangers…now that WOULD save more then just one childs life!

Posted by tw67 on January 16

This may offend some people, but I am a proud owner of many guns which I use for hunting and shooting targets. There is no chance that I would ever join the NRA.  I’m not drinking the kool-aid that the big bad government is coming to take my guns.  give me a break

Theres a reason that there are so many more registered gun owners than NRA members.  Responsible gun owners use their brains and understand that the NRA is no good.  You cant lobby for gun makers with one hand and gun owners with the other.

Posted by hanz on January 16

I thought the reasons there are more registered gun owners than NRA members:  people are too cheap or just feel they should let a few take the burden while they sit back and do nothing.  Sort of like welfare recipients.  Thanks for clearing that up.  I wonder what the fellows in New York are thinking right now.

Posted by bowhunterdave on January 16

You would be surprised of the amount of off duty police that sit in banks to prevent robberies ,cemeteries at night for vandalism and the tons of other details.
The billions of dollars politicians and mayors spend on needless things we could do alot better with those funds.
for starters how about the thousands maybe a million guns in the hands of criminals.create a serious buyback/turn in program no questions asked, lets say you give them 500 dollars per handgun and 1000 per aka assault an example I think these low lifes(criminal) who reconsider keeping their weapons.
and yes everyone needs a background check thats a no brainer. why the nra is arguing that is crazy. private sales with no back ground check is the majority of the problem.
That way maybe I can keep all that I have and not be punished because obviously punishing the criminals doesnt apply to this weapons ban.

Posted by Buck-Man on January 16

If you think that the NRA is part of the problem, you’re kidding yourself.  Without them, who would support your gun rights?  I agree that the NRA may take some things too far.  However, when is the last time you agreed with 100% of any group’s actions?  The reason the NRA doesn’t give in on anything is because every time someone gives an inch, the anti’s take a mile. 

I hunt Knox County and have been noticing a significant drop in the deer population the last several years.  I have written about this very subject on this site.  As Marc already stated, if you are fortunate enough to hunt an area with plenty of deer, consider yourself lucky.  I speak with many many hunters from several different counties and they all have the same complaint…a dwindling deer herd.  The IDNR is the pimp and we hunters are the users.  Both are at fault in my opinion.  I personally know a guy who shoots every damn deer he sees.  So do his kids.  If they run farther than 200 yards, they discontinue the search and just shoot another one.  “Don’t worry, God will make more.”  These were his idiotic words to me.  One small group of hunters in an area is all it takes to do serious damage to a herd.  For those knocking Marc, you are quite simply wrong and don’t know him very well.  I do.  Yes, he is a head hunter.  An unapologetic head hunter.  You tell me, is a guy who shoots two mature bucks a year doing more damage to a herd than a guy who fills his two buck tags and several doe tags?  Sounds like a bit of jealousy to me.  It’s time we stop knocking other hunters for having different goals.  If you’re looking for a hunter to knock, pick on the guy who shoots 20 deer per year.  These guys exist.  Go to the Deer Classic in Springfield and look for the guys who wear hats with 15-20 deer pins from the same year.  The brag hat.

Posted by Treehugger on January 17

JSMIFF79, I don’t post the counties I hunt in for the safety of the landowners. Unfortunately, people who are concerned where I hunt happen to be the same people who like to poach. So if you’re concerned where I hunt, here’s a clue; Illinois…and most of it. FYI, Isn’t it ironic that a person who hides under a screen name criticizes another for not revealing their hunting spots? Sounds hypocritical to me.

Posted by Marc Anthony on January 17

HANZ, you fail to recognize that the only way to get things done in Washington is with $$$$$$$$.  Regardless of how you feel about all of their views, the NRA is the only special interest group we have fighting for our rights and spending the $$$$$$.

The reason there are so many more gun owners than NRA members is because we have taken for granted our rights and freedoms and have felt little pressure from gun control advocates.  Well guess what, sit around and do nothing and a big change will happen.  I’m not saying they will be going door to door to confiscate weapons, but think about these scenarios.

A tax so high on ammunition that middle class americans have to decide groceries or recreational shooting…“Gee I guess I better feed my family.”

Lets say new legislation makes several firearms you own illegal, with no grandfathering.  To the people who say “I won’t let anyone know I have them, I won’t turn them in.”  That’s fine until you have to call 911 for a house fire or burglary and the cops find your “illegal” firearms.  You instantly go from being a victom to a criminal.  Take it from me, my house has been burgalrized twice in less than year in rural Knox County.  After the first break-in I purchased a nice gun safe.  When the cops came to the second break-in 6 months later, they noticed the safe had been tampered with.  I was asked if I would open my safe to verify everything was in there.  I did and as soon as I opened the door I was relieved to see my guns still in there, but shocked when the detective snapped a few photos of the inside.  Good thing my AR-15 was still legal to have, or I would have been the criminal.

On a side note to anyone who cares, both my home burglaries occured in the middle of the day while my wife and I were at work.  Talk about feeling powerless.

Anyway, I could sit here and type all day, but in your case “you won’t know what you had, until you’ve lost it.”

Posted by mountain man on January 17

It’s all relative. Whatever trend you are seeing in your deer herd is relative to what you’ve seen at some point in the past. Within the past 5 years?  Within the past 10 years?  Within the past 100 years?  Just like the bubble in the housing market, Illinois has seen a bubble in its deer herd. There are also many of us that have never seen more than 10 deer in a single hunt, even during the “glory days” of the early to mid 2000s.  So your idea of a prosperous deer herd is also relative and may differ from the next guy’s. Not directing this towards anyone in particular….just throwing it out there…

Posted by Walston on January 17

Marc you started off the year stating these same issues you have . Or should I say opinions? And some how with all of these reduced herds you still managed to pull off two big mature bucks correct? SO I see no need to harvest two of them if you have seen a reduction in deer around the areas you hunt! Let everyone enjoy the rights they have to hunt, harvest, and use whatever weapon of legal choice. I have never seen anything turn out for the good in this hobby of ours when the next guy is ridiculing your legal options our state gives us. Just Saying!

Posted by PDOG on January 17

I joined the NRA over 46 years ago, shortly before leaving for the Marines.  Do I agree with EVERYTHING they say?  NO.  However,they are the most effective lobby for our gun rights, so I will continue to support them.  Until the recent talk of banning the black rifles, I had no desire to ever own one.  (Carrying one 24/7 for 16 months did me in.  We called them the jamomatic back then.)
Many years ago, I worked for the General Assembly and I can assure you that Chicago politicians would do ANYTHING to take all our guns.  With democratic control of the legislature, take a look at the recent gerrymandered legislative districts…Chicago is gaining more and more control. 
Hanz, ask the people of Austrailia how NOT having a strong organization worked for them.
At the present time you can get life membership in the NRA for $300, normally $1000.  You can take advantage of this deal by calling 888-678-7894.

Posted by riverrat47 on January 17

PDOG, what planet do you live on? Where have I stated anyone should shouldn’t “enjoy the rights they have to hunt, harvest, and use whatever weapon of legal choice” as you stated. I guess you’re a prime example of internet rage where people just can’t wait to jump down another guy’s throat without even bothering to read what they wrote.
Regarding your other comment ” And some how with all of these reduced herds you still managed to pull off two big mature bucks correct?” Well let’s see, first, taking 2 bucks will do nearly nothing to the overall deer herd, whereas 2 does would have done many more times the damage. In addition to that, I’ve hunted 11 counties this last year and have taken 2 deer. Granted, I hunted even less this past year than the others due to being too busy at work. Not every person has the luxury of hunting so much, and that equals less opportunity for all. Last year I harvest one deer. Besides, don’t shoot the messenger here. I am merrily informing the HO readers what many of the people are saying across the state. Your opinion will be read here too.
I guess I should make a blanket statement here; anyone looking for a reason to use HO as an emotional punching bag, you’re wasting your time. If anyone would like to contribute constructive opinions, I’m all for it, but please READ the articles first before making a mockery of yourselves.
If me mentioning using “Solid management techniques” bothers you, I suggest you pick another hobby because whether the state implements their management plan or the individual hunter does, the deer still have to be managed, simple as that.  “Just saying”!

Posted by Marc Anthony on January 17

“shouldn’t above. Oops!

Posted by Marc Anthony on January 17

MOUNTAIN MAN…I will hopefully be moving to rural Knox soon.  Just curious.  Is home burglary a problem there?  Also, get some cheap cameras in your house and at the doorways.  I hate thieves with some serious passion.  I say give ‘em the chair.  Unneeded, worthless P’sOS!!!  Sorry that happened to your family.  Stay armed.

Posted by Treehugger on January 17

It’s easy to spot the guys who hunt ALL the special seasons.  They get the most offended by mentioning the decline of the deer herd and self management.  Also the bragging hat!!  Thanks Tree!  Lmao!  Always get a chuckle when I see one of those!

I will agree hunting big bucks is an addiction, but does killing one or even two a year have any effect on the deer herd?  Absolutely none!  The does will get bred either way, trust me!  It’s all in the hands of the doe herd.  The females are the ones carrying the future of the herd.  Thought that was clear?  That’s kind of the reason for the LWS season?  You guys starting to see that now??  I’m not a deer biologist or anything but it wasn’t that hard to figure out

I’m jealous of Marc too!  Who wouldn’t be?  The guys obviously figured something out that I’ve missed.  Talk to the locals in the once famous “golden triangle”.  Ask them how publicity has effected their hunting.  Only an idiot would tell people where they kill 2 mature bucks a year.  Give the guy a break.  If you stop shooting every deer you can get a tag on and hunting every season available like the IDNR wants you to people might not even remember your hat pin collections! 

The IDNR knows exactly what their doing.  They know who the “crack addicts” are.  Special seasons to them are fuel on the fire.  To the participants it’s another way to squeeze the trigger and get that “fix” they’ve been jonesing for.

Posted by Andy Meador on January 17


I actually live less than 5 or 6 miles from your property.  I’m not trying to dissuade you from moving out here, just stating the relevance.  Truthfully, I can’t believe no one has messed with your shed.  My downfall is the Spoon River.  I love being able to be near it, but once it warms up outside, I get all the riff raff from Galesburg coming out here.  Sure they may be fishing (AKA scouting out places to rob and dump garbage), but does that mean they can leave 20 beer cans and their trash behind.  I’ll tell you I can go on and on with the stories.

Posted by mountain man on January 17

MOUNTAIN MAN, do we know each other?  I hear you about the Spoon.  If my last name was Block, I’d fix that problem.  The Spoon becomes white trash city in the Summer months.

Posted by Treehugger on January 17

Did either of you “Knox County Boys” loose bucks from the little poaching operation of local “youths” that ran wild last fall before getting caught???
I’ve got a good buddy by yates city that they poached on.

Posted by walmsley on January 17


I believe we do share a common friend…Mr. Shipley, but we’ve never met.  My family (Gibbs) has been around that area for 5 generations now.  I have hunted a property down the road from yours off and on since 2004.  Don’t deer hunt it much anymore though as it just isn’t as good as it once was (long story).  I do head that way every now and again to do a coyote set.  Haven’t been there this year yet, but I’ll be doing a set there during Matt Staser’s Yote Tourney.


Is your buddy a semi-retired taxidermist?  I think those boys stayed further south of our area.  Primarilly Maquon, Yates City, Rapatee, etc.

Posted by mountain man on January 17

I’ve been hunting for 23 years and most of the guns I have are used for hunting, with exception to a couple pistols I have for protection and target shooting for fun.  I can’t see the need for the high capacity magazines or the assault rifles, although I can see the fun in shooting them.  I wouldn’t really mind if they restricted these and I agree with the universal background checks.  I can not envision them getting rid of the 2nd amendment, and I’m not worried about them coming to get my guns.  I have never supported the NRA, and I don’t have a strong opinion of them one way or the other.  Mainly because I haven’t researched the facts enough, which I should do.  I couldn’t afford a membership anyway even if I wanted one.

Regarding the deer herd, while I acknowledge it has declined across the state, it seems better than ever at our property.  On the opening morning of the first gun season I saw 31 deer, and almost 60 over the whole weekend.  I do consider myself lucky, but also admire all the hard work and management we have practiced over the last 20 years.  We are trophy hunters and I have to agree with others that you do less damage to the herd with this style of hunting.  Don’t get me wrong, we take a doe for meat when we want too, but we are pretty selective.  There are plenty of hunters all around our place that blast everything that moves, and there is a huge poaching problem in our area too.  Mark couldn’t be more on point when he said to use solid management techniques and take only what you can use… DOES make a difference.

Posted by Nemo on January 17

MM, I’ve heard your last name before.  Ship is a good guy.  Helps me with my Saddle Up For St. Jude event every year.  If you ever see someone on my property or parked on the road, feel free to call the cops.  Unless it’s a dark red F-250 King Ranch, green F-150, or a blue Chevy car.  I haven’t been poached on yet (that I know of), but I did run two guys off that saw me coming.  They didn’t look like the average poacher.  These two d-bags were dressed in full gear and back packs like they just left Bass Pro Shops.  I watched them park their truck and get dressed up, sprayed down, and walk to my timber like they owned the place.

Posted by Treehugger on January 17


If you can afford a gun and the ammo to shoot it, then you can afford a NRA membership.

Posted by mountain man on January 17

Nobody deleted any of your comments on this thread JSMIFF79. They’re still there!
NEMO, NRA membership is only $25.00. I don’t agree with everything they say, but they have come a long way. They also handle themselves a lot better that the past. I won’t mention names, but I think they’ve even coached one of their spokespersons to “Tone it down” a bit.

Posted by Marc Anthony on January 17

This post is very interesting to me, guess I will throw in my two cents.  May not even be worth that.  Okay, NRA membership is cheap, I personally do not agree with everything they push but on the same side they are trying to interperet the 2nd amendment and protect it in every possible way.  JOIN THE NRA!!!!
As far as the deer herd, booo hooo hooo.  Rather than blame the DNR or the next door neighbor, I blame “HORN PORN”.  Lee and Tiff, Ritz, Miller, Potts, pick your poison.  All in all, was this argument about a healthy herd or big bucks????????
Doesn’t really matter, at the end of the day we need to stick together as hunters, sportsmen, outdoorsmen and gun owners.  Who cares if I shoot 15 deer per year on my hunting property, it kept the farmer from getting a nuisance permit and I was able to feed my family and several other families.  Stop fighting about little stuff like that, and manage your own property the way you feel it should be managed!!! No need to get politicians involved, and just like grade school stop worrying about what everyone else is doing and do what you think you need to do.

Posted by callin yotes on January 18

A wise outdoor writer once used the phrase ” my freezer is full but my skull is empty”.  This statement applies to many posters on this site.  If you cant look at the harvest data and see the herd is in trouble then clearly you have an empty skull.

Posted by clintharvey on January 18

Some farmers in my area are even complaining that they wish they had more deer to see while they are out and how they miss it.  Last week local meat locker said they felt the deer herd was killed off in our area.  This isnt the fault of “horn porn”.  Lee and tiffany and stan potts or marc anthony had NOTHING to do with the slaying of does for the last 10 years.  And “nuisance permits”  I live in one of the largest counties in the state and I HAVE NEVER seen a farmer get “nuisance tags”. I personally have never shot a doe.  Me and several friends manage alot of acres and it wasnt enough to save the herd on our properties.  Idiots surrounded these properties… shot deer across the lines… tresspassed on our properties… and ended up ruining these properties because the DNR did NOTHING to protect the rights of property owners.  The rights of property owners were in clear conflict with their ability to make money.

Posted by clintharvey on January 18

Mountain Man- YES- those boys did some damage!

Posted by walmsley on January 18


Hopefully the ignorance of their youth will leave a lasting impact on how they conduct themselves for the rest of their lives.  We can only hope their views will change.  However, 5, 10, 15 years from now if they continue with the same mentality, then someone needs to beat them senseless.

Posted by mountain man on January 18

CALLING YOTES…Correct me if I am wrong, but I have never, not once, read anyone on this site referring to “big bucks” when talking about herd health and herd numbers.  I keep reading this same “horn porn” type of thing, yet I have never seen anyone on here complain about big racks when speaking of herd health.  On the other hand, the issue with the herd is as has been written on this site many many times before.  Does!  Most hunters, myself included, hunt very small parcels of land.  While we can certainly do our best to help the herd health and numbers, it only takes one neighbor to ruin everything.  If your property has a lack of deer, as my property does, having a neighbor that shoots to many does is devastating.  A field that could or should have 20 deer in it per night now has 3 or 4.  Please don’t misunderstand me.  I am trying to manage my area for selfish reasons.  I’d like to see more deer per hunt.  But the problem goes deeper than that.  With a very low deer number, when health issues hit, the results can be terrible.  If the DNR was a little more careful when it comes to handing out tags, we’d be able to ensure that our neighbors will comply with a herd-health plan.  Sure, you’ll have some that will kill deer with or without a tag, but that’s another issue.  In my opinion, head hunters have little to nothing to do with the decline of our herd.

Posted by Treehugger on January 18

Wow! Treehugger, I agree. Nowhere in this article do I mention big bucks, but man, some can’t wait to jump and say it’s about “Horn Porn”. Then after saying “booo, hooo, hooo”, make’s the remark “Doesn’t really matter, at the end of the day we need to stick together as hunters, sportsmen, outdoorsmen and gun owners.” Yep, booo, hooo, hooo really makes us all want to “stick together”. Once again, try reading the article. Unbelievable! Some wonder why I keep my posts to a minimum here. It’s just not worth it. A simple article about our preserving our gun rights and whitetail herd….jeez.

Posted by Marc Anthony on January 18

Marc, Ive been posting awhile.  I think you also posted on bowsite back in the day also.  My posts are limited now also.  Too many people with empty skulls that think its funny that the herd is going downhill fast.  When you run out of deer you did your job as a “hunter”.  I have been preaching the herd being in trouble since well before the herd was in trouble.  In the late 90s the writing was on the wall that hunting was going to die.  I must admit, i thought the dead of the herd would come by 2005 but deer are better survivers than i gave them credit for.  It took a mountain of effort by the dnr, hoards of nearly retarded bloodthirsty hunters, and a series of EHD.  It will continue to go downhill in many areas.  It would take pretty drastic change in management ideas by the DNR to stabilize the herd here.  NOT just doing away with lws or idiot season as i call it.  We need a draw shotgun tag regulation back in place as well as the elimination of the extra free doe tag for bowhunters.

Posted by clintharvey on January 18

Marc, I for one appreciate your very informative posts here. Do not be discouraged by some opposing views of which I often wonder if they have even read the article… There is no doubt a need to support the NRA and all that it does for gun owners. No need to be in full agreement with all they state but they are OUR voice. The dwindling herd in most areas is not a mystery. It’s not the head hunters doing the damage… Obviously our state is willing to do little to nothing to help so you wise men preach on hopefully we will see converts!

Posted by enjycreation on January 18

I don’t post on any forums Clint. I don’t think I’ve ever posted on Bowsite either, but I could be mistaken. I absolutely refrain from going to forums. The simplest of comments get the armchair troublemaker off and running. Whatever happened to just constructive thoughts? You know, think tanks. I find it interesting when you speak to a group of people close by that opinions come from both sides of the fence yet the conversation remains friendly and interesting. At the end of the discussion, you’ll go out and have a burger together. Not on a forum! You get to hide behind a screen name and stir up trouble…what fun.
I think one issue is the fact that some areas of the state are doing fine, so those people think that’s par for the course everywhere. It’s the other people that live in the problem areas and/or travel from county to county that get to see what condition the herd really is in, and because of that, they get ridiculed by the fortunate.

Posted by Marc Anthony on January 18

About a year ago, Nov. of 2011, I wrote an article on this site called, “Are your doe numbers down?”  A friend let me know that someone had posted a link to my article on another hunting site.  I believe the site was based in Kentucky and has a very similar name to Heartland Outdoors.  The person who had posted a link to my article had the same thoughts and concerns I had and wondered how people on that site felt about my concerns about herd numbers and the overshooting of does.  While it appeared that many people agreed with my concerns and opinions, there were a few who disagreed.  Those who disagreed immediately started with the name calling….“The writer is a hack”, etc.  It was immediately clear that some people did not read the entire article, or simply couldn’t comprehend my opinions and thought.  As the author, I was scolded for not putting science into my article, but merely using my own observations.  I was also scolded for only writing about small areas in Illinois.  Duh.  That’s what the article was about.  HERE…in Illinois.  It seems that every site has people (experts) who are quick to trash the opinion of others.  Differing opinions are great.  That’s how we learn.  But it’s difficult when a differing opinion has negatively charged words.  At that point, you don’t seem like someone who is offering up advice or a different viewpoint.  You appear argumentative.  We, the bloggers of this site, are mostly hunting participants…not experts or scientists.  Most of us have had our fair share of successes, as well as failures.  This is simply a place where we can share our ideas and hopefully help someone out.  Unfortunately, for some it is a place to stir the pot.  Be that as it may, I love this site.  I love the differing opinions.  Keep them coming.  Just try to do it in a positive way.  People are more apt to listen to you that way.  Now, all that being said.  I am going to hunt the LWS this year.  I am looking for one specific deer that I got on trail camera video the other day.  Poor girl has her hind right leg missing.  I’ve seen deer get around just fine on three legs in the past.  But not this one.  She has what appears to be a rotting stump hanging off her hip.  She had one heck of a time walking.  If the coyotes haven’t beaten me to her, and I’m afraid they have, I’m going to try to get her with one quick shot as opposed to a pack of coyotes eating her alive.

Posted by Treehugger on January 18

Good luck on your hunt Treehugger!

Posted by mountain man on January 18

Thanks MM.  I may not be in the best of shape anymore, but I’m pretty sure I could catch her running.  Now all I have to do is see her.

Posted by Treehugger on January 18

I have said I would not hunt the lws . It was such a beautiful day (granted windy) , I went out . About 4:04 pm tonight I heard what I hoped were deer coming up my creek bottom. I was right. 1 big doe and 3 button bucks! I could not believe that, 3 button bucks with her. Well I shot and shot and shot…I have to tell you it was a great feeling to take so many pictures of those beautiful deer. I will never kill a deer on the lws hunt but I sure love to take pictures of them.

Posted by knoxcounty on January 18

Haha, what a discussion.  Shoot a couple more does dude and then complain next year that the herd is down.  REAL INTELLIGENT!

Posted by CCHUNTER2024600 on January 18

Tree, i seen one that wasnt well tonight either.  BAD bad limp.  She was behind the biggest herd of deer i have seen in 2 months.  About 10 and she couldnt keep up.  LAST one in and last one when they left.

Posted by clintharvey on January 19

Clint, the one I got on Trail camera video was in terrible shape.  I have no idea what happened to her.  If it was a car, I think there would be more damage than just one leg.  If it was coyotes, I’d think they would have been able to finish her off.  I’m assuming a hunting wound.  I just can’t believe that she made it even one day hanging around my place in the shape she’s in.  I hunted bow a couple night ago and saw one doe and three different coyotes.  Each coyote was within 20 yards of me but I never had a shot.  Those darn things never seem to stop.  Not in the right place anyway.  As soon as deer season ends, I’m hitting the outdoors to see what I can do about my coyote problem.

Posted by Treehugger on January 19

I too love this site for the sharing of information by experienced and perhaps not so experienced hunters that along with fishing experiences. Information given on this site is great! I would truly hate to see those of you who post articles stop because of those keyboard bullies. Kind of reminds me of a song but instead of a whole lot cooler these guys are a whole lot tougher online…lol. I would agree expressing different opinions is very valuable. With the use of logic and reason most of us can come to reasonable agreements/solutions or simply agree to disagree. Now the keyboard bullies who have such a good time stirring up strife do so I believe because in real life they are much too timid to engage in any kind of conflict. So they have found relief and even some a home here amongst us. However I urge you contributors be NOT discouraged your work is valued by most!

Posted by enjycreation on January 19

VERY well said enjy, the writers on this site have helped create something really neat with a wide variety of helpful information.  I am sure the writers have prepared themselves to be ridiculed by people as it is just so easy for such a thing online.

Posted by CCHUNTER2024600 on January 19

I will say this much Marc is one of the few that does not judge anyone for the way or how they hunt, even when it does not follow his own way of doing things that alone earns him my respect, even when at times we do have different opinions. 

Tree are you saying no one talks about horns when this subject is brought up or just you bloggers or are you refering to just this one blog? Not that its a huge deal, just wanting clarification.

As far as the NRA its time all gun owners get together behind something or we will all lose our rights. The NRA may not be perfect but what is… NOW IS THE TIME TO JOIN.

Posted by Steve on January 19

STEVE, not sure if you are aware or not, but I am actually a blogger on this site as well.  My real name is John Soehn. 

I was mainly speaking of the bloggers, but I think I can also include almost everyone who posts on this site.  I never hear horns being an issue when the topic is herd health or herd numbers.  Big racks is a totally different issue and I think most on here understand that.  I read plenty of accusations towards the head hunters, but I can’t remember anyone who is a self-proclaimed horn hunter write anything about saving our big racks when it comes to herd health.  Most head hunters understand that when you have a healthy herd with good numbers, big racks result as a bonus.  Hope that clears things up.

Posted by Treehugger on January 19

I think that many of the hunters got it beat into their brain over the past 5 to 10 years that shooting does was good for the herd. Most of them dont log onto hunting sites or forums like this one to hear the complaints.  I know several horn hunters that are still taking several does out each year thinking that they are doing a good thing. They complain about seeing less deer but justify it by saying they all must be on the other side of fence. They dont bother to drive around and look or scout to realize they are just not there!  It was alot easier to convince people to shoot more than to shoot less. We talk about self management, but this is going to be a hard pattern to break.

Posted by tb1234 on January 19

Treehugger, I also am a blogger on this site.  My name is Matthew Cox, I do apologize for bringing “Horn Porn” into this post.  I also want to apologize to Marc Anthony for getting wrapped up in my own agitation about this subject, it is a great blog and the one and only paragraph that mentions deer has taken precedence over the real topic which is defending our 2nd amendment rights.  This topic has completely over ruled this website all year so it must be of some concern, but the idea of the IDNR having a hidden agenda and wanting to decimate our herd is absurd to me.  For those of you that have not had to deal with nuisance permits around your area, be thankful.  They are a complete disgrace to the ideas and beliefs of deer hunters, yet the farmers that recieve them often get paid rediculous amounts of money for “horn hunters” to NOT shoot does on their properties.  I personally did not see a huge decimation of deer this year, and the neighboring landowner planned on getting a nuisance permit this upcoming year due to crop damage.  I also believe that as long as there are neighboring landowners people will agree to disagree, but there is no reason to have legislation or the government step in about this “problem” it is apparent that everything they touch gets worse and I think we are better off trying to fix this ourselves.  Working together and with your neighbors is a far better idea than having politicians try to fix it.  Again Marc I am sorry for posting what I did but I am not sorry for my opinion or position on this subject.

Posted by callin yotes on January 20

Tree I am aware you are a blogger on here, I have read many of your blogs and do enjoy them and that you bloggers keep things very neutral on most of your blogs, which I like.

I do how ever think you should read some older posts to this subject, before you make that claim.

I remember reading comments on one of your old blogs on the LWS season focusing on all the shed bucks and buttons that would get shot as reasons they shouldnt have the season. There are others like that on other blogs as well, Ill leave it at that and let you go look.

I have a question for anyone that wants to answer, In some areas it’s sounding real bad, would permit restrictions and closing the special seasons be enough or should all the hunting pressure be taken off the does in those areas?


Posted by Steve on January 20

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