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Nov. 7, 2013
Madison County

Big Bucks Corner

Felicia Breen’s 13-pointer

Thu, November 07, 2013

Felicia Breen Buck
I am newer to archery, and got my bow in 2008.  Upon getting my new bow I could not even pull it back and had to work hard to build the strength and skill.  Since 2009 I have harvested 14 deer with my bow.
On November 7, 2013 in the dark hours of cold morning with a very light west wind I headed to my stand.  There was frost on the ground and as I headed down a steep hill to a small creek where my stand was located I slipped on a stick and fell on it, causing a loud “crack” sound.  All heck broke loose!  Since it was dark I had no idea that I was under a roost of turkeys.  The loud sound caused the turkeys to bust out of the tree making all sorts of noise and commotion.  After having been so quiet and careful my heart sank a little knowing that any animal or deer knew something was nearby.
I got situated in my stand waiting for light.  I could still hear the turkeys calling and fussing all around.  At light the turkeys did not want to fly to the ground but kept flying from tree to tree making plenty of fuss.  Shortly after light I saw movement slightly to my right about 60 yards across the creek and up to the hill.  I could soon make out a doe.  It did not look like she was going to head in my direction but I was hopeful.  I soon detected more movement on the hill but closer.  I assumed it was another doe, but soon saw antlers.
For some reason that buck had no interest in the nearby doe and began heading away from her and toward me.  Once I saw him turn his head I could tell that he was a shooter and readied myself in case I got the shot.  Luck must have been on my side that day since that buck calmly walked down the hill and presented me with a perfect 23 yard broadside shot.  I mouth grunted and he stopped perfect in a nice open shooting lane.
After firing my bow I could see blood pouring out as he began to run.  My shot placement looked good.  He ran down the creek a short ways, crossed, and began to run up the other side.  As he began to go up his back end began to wobble.  He hooked over a knoll and went out of sight.  I heard a loud crash and thrashing.  I still made myself wait a while, since I did not see him go down.  The turkeys were still making a lot of noise and I was not sure if the crash was the sound of turkeys running away from the buck.
After climbing down I started at the point where I shot him and began to follow the blood trail.  The blood trail got better and better fast.  I found my arrow and then only a few yards more was my buck!  At that point I could see that it was not only a big deer but a really cool looking deer.  When I called my husband to tell him he was down I was crying since I was so filled with emotion and excitement.
6:50am I was fortunate enough to harvest a 13 point buck with at least one antler base as big as a coke can. It’s my largest buck to date.  It may be hard to top this one, but someday I hope I get to.
I could not have gotten this deer or my other deer without the help and support of my husband, friends, and property owners.  My husband helps hang my tree stands, helps drag out the deer, and helps me process the deer.  We are self-employed and he generously covers for me at our shop a lot so I can go hunting.
About a month after shooting the deer a local resident whom was aware of the buck generously shared a beautiful trail cam picture of the buck in velvet.  I had never seen the deer or heard of him.  The buck is the largest I have had the chance to see while hunting.  The resident was of course bummed he did not get the deer but was a true sportsman and was congratulatory.  It makes it even more special to have the picture of the buck, I am very grateful!  I will frame it and put it with the mount.
I do not have a score or measurements.  I was told that it is likely he will have a lot of deductions for coolness and may not score that well.  I am happy with my buck as is, no complaints!
Felicia Breen Buck
Felicia Breen Buck
Felicia Breen Buck