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Recent entries


Stay on Target

A Good Hunt

Mon, November 09, 2015

I had a fun day in the woods on Saturday.  It did not result in me shooting a big buck, or ever firing an arrow, but I did see pretty good action.  All in all, I saw 7 bucks and 6 doe/fawns.  This was hunting in pretty thick woods, so it was not a place that I could look out over hundreds of yards to see.  I never saw the buck I was after, but I did video a few of the bucks I watched.  If you have 4 extra minutes, give it a watch.


Alsheimer Predicts Early Rut

Fri, October 23, 2015

Charles Alsheimer has made a name for himself as an outdoor photographer and journalist.  He has written several books and has been published in most of the major outdoor magazines. 

In my mind, Alsheimer is noted more for his studies on moon phases and whitetail behaviors than anything else.  He has been making predictions about the timing of the rut in relation to the moon for years.  He has many dedicated followers that apparently have noticed his predictions can be effective and accurate.  Personally, I am and have always been on the fence with his predictions.

This year, Alsheimer is predicting a very prominent rut that is also very early.  The dates he gives for the chasing phase are about Halloween to November 8th.  He says it will be “phenomenal” because it is a “synchronized rut”.  He says that buck’s testosterone level will peak around November 1, the doe’s estrous level will peak around November 1, and the full moon is right before that as well.

Mr. Alsheimer’s entire 5 minute and 26 second talk about the 2015 rut is on this attached video.

I am interested to hear the reader’s thoughts.  My personal opinion is that the science is good, and there is something to this.  However, here in Southern Illinois, our weather is fairly warm still during the early rut dates, and I am worried that this will result in most of the chasing going on at night.  One area of skepticism I have is that I cannot imagine that the timing will be the same in Marion, IL as it is in Rockford, IL.  Alsheimer draws a line from Oklahoma City to Charlotte and says these dates are good for everybody north of that line, but I have a hard time swallowing that. 

In my experience, while I think the moon plays a big role, I still think the calendar trumps it.  The week of November 10th has historically always been good to me, and I doubt this year will be any different.  In fact, my biggest three bucks were killed on November 7, November 8 and November 10.  Those are days I hope to be in a stand all day long.  I say all of this, but I must also add that I have tremendous respect for Charles Alsheimer.  He has spent countless hours studying and photographing whitetails, and he is far more knowledgeable than I am.  I guess I am just too stubborn to listen to him completely.


Giant Roadkill?

Thu, October 15, 2015

So, here is the story.  I do not know much, but many of you probably have seen this deer making the social media rounds today.  I was told about it last Friday and at that time it was a Missouri road kill.  The best information I am seeing now is that it traveled a bit west post mortem and has become a Kansas road kill.  Either way, assuming it is not officially branded as “Photoshopped!”, it is an unbelievably huge buck.  The mystery of the toilet right in front of the garage door has yet to be solved.

UPDATE: I found a photo somebody snapped through a spotting scope and it appears to show it feeding in the summer.  The more details that come out indicate that it is legit, and it was in the Kansas City area (which is likely the reason for the Missouri/Kansas confusion.


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