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Versatile Hunter

IDNR Sustainability Bill Passes

Wed, November 28, 2012

This is the bill that the IDNR has been waiting for to pass and today, it did.  In brief, the bill assesses new or increased fees on such activities as:

·      Endangered species act consultation;
·      Various IDNR issued licenses and permits (hunting and fishing licenses, etc.);
·      Permits issued pursuant to the Rivers, Lakes, and Streams Act;
·      Water use and Lake Michigan water allocation permits;
·      Oil well permitting and assessments;
·      Mine certification and education;
·      Use fees for IDNR properties; and
·      Various vehicle registration fees.

You can view the full language of the bill at:

The bill now goes to the Governor where his signature is expected.


Finally some good news from our government.  I’m still perplexed at how the Sportsman’s Act of 2012 failed in the US congress this week.

Posted by buckbull on November 28

Until there is dedicated funding none of these bills to raise new revenue for DNR will ever work.  If you believe a promise from any Illinois politician that this won’t be put in the general fund, you need to quit living in fantasy land!!!

Posted by Arod on November 28

I agree AROD!!  We have had our fees increased enough!  We have to spend within our budget and so should the government.  Supporting this only justifies the mess the state of IL is in.  I am an avid fisherman and user of our State Parks, but enough is enough. If the repairs and upkeep is not done I know there will be outcomes we don’t like.  The fees already are to much for some residents to afford, this will only make it worse.  The burden should not be on the tax payers and users, we pay our share and the politicians are the ones that got us into this.  Pay them the “living wage” they set and use their inflated salaries to get us out of this mess.

Posted by t.o.m.m. on November 28

This is yet another tax and does anyone really believe these new monies will stay with the DNR? Past behavior from our politicians is the best predictor for future behavior, and thus I can’t believe for one moment that the money will stay in the DNR.  Remember, In January 2011 our income tax was increased from 3 to 5% and Quinn said the new revenue would be used to pay down the states unpaid bills which was at $6 billion at that time.  In April of 2012, 16 months after the increased income tax rate, unpaid bills tallied $8.5 billion, currently upaid bills are $9+ billion and today Quinn announced he wants to borrow $4 billion to pay some of the unpaid bills.  I hope I am wrong, but I fear we all are yet again victims of bait and switch.

Posted by Cooper on November 28

Politician’s salaries wouldn’t get us out of this mess if they all volunteered their time for the next 100 years.  If you’ll notice on this funding bill… about 2/3 of the money ($22 million a year) is going to come from increased license plate fees for everyone in the state.  There’s also state park user fees… which will come from users who have never paid a dime for any of the state parks over the years.  I’m not a fan of raising taxes (I’m more of a fiscal conservative), but at some point you have to stop the bleeding at the DNR.  At least this money isn’t going for more Obama-phones or entitlements from the general fund… or hopefully not another deputy director within DNR.
As for the dedicated funding… who knows.  There were a lot of funds created BY LAW that specified the money was to be used for a specific purpose… only to be swept away later by the same politicians that created the dedicated fund in the first place (or crooked governors)! The only time it got our fine state in trouble is when the illegal act put us in jeopardy of losing federal P-R money because of the misuse of dedicated funds.  Too bad there wasn’t other laws in place to put back the millions of dollars that were stolen from other funds.

Posted by Kevin C on November 28

My local news only reports that this will raise auto/truck license plate fees by $2.00. People, you might want to go to the link provided to look at the bill and the other fees that could be implemented. A $15.00 ATV fee amoung numerous other fees. Those ATV’s are not allowed in state parks but they are taxed???? How about a hiking stamp or a biking stamp? I didn’t see that. I appologize to my children for raising them in the state of Illinois. I hope they grow up and take root elsewhere.

Honestly, if I read the bill wrong, please correct me. PLEASE!

Posted by Webfoot64 on November 29

They waste a ton on bike trails and dog parks here in Macon county!  Why do the bicycles continue to hold up traffic on the roads?  They built several bridges for our bike trail and I know those aren’t cheap! 

Posted by Andy Meador on November 29

I posted what I thought about all this on the other thread, and yes there will be complaining for sure. The most will come from those that never pay for anything, surprise !!! Sportsmen have been paying the bills for a long time now, nice to see someone else that enjoys the same places and programs having to help a little. The $2.00 per auto /truck plate fee is a drop in the bucket compared to what sportsmen have been dealing out over the year’s via Pittman- Roberts taxes. The ATV permits were coming down the road if you like it or not, just be happy it’s now going were it is instead of the GR funds, then God know were from there. Do you want ATV’s in state parks after seen how some people use them ??? Yes those that use bike trails and dogs parks have been getting a free ride with our money for way to long….........RTT

Posted by Ringtailtrapper on November 30

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