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Versatile Hunter

Hunting Dog Stuff

Sun, October 29, 2017

Excellent article on feeding hunting dogs:

A note from a pro trainer friend of mine (Rude Beaver) when asking about money saving tips for hunting dogs.  Jay Wade is an excellent dog trainer of multiple dog breeders including retrievers and versatile breeds.  If anyone asks me for a trainer, this is the guy I send them to. . . .

Link to his website:

1. Feed:
Good feed is not expensive, cheap feed is. The quality of feed reflects the performance of your dog wile working. If he is sluggish and unresponsive to commands we may misinterpret the action as noncooperation and a unnecessary correction may fallow. Good feed is processed more efficiently and nutrients are consumed by your animal. Feeding once a day saves clean-up time for you and more importantly the feed is only processed through the digestive system once, reducing wear & tear in the intestinal track. 

2. Worming & Flea, Tick Control:
If you were to look at the main ingredient in your expensive heart preventative you will find it will be Ivermectin, Replace it with a horse worming product and apply as proportional to instructions on label. The savings are +- $30.00/ month. A $5 tube of paste will last you more than a year for one dog taken monthly. Tick & flea prevention is also taken from the farm: Mix a spray of 1/2 oz. Permethrin, 5oz. OdoBan in a 32 oz. spray bottle of water. Spray your dog and it’s run twice weekly (more if you work water a lot). the OdoBan has a pleasant smell and kills 99.9% of germs.

3. General Health:
Take your dog in for an annual wellness check w/ blood tests to find any ailments and treat as prescribed by the Vet. We are finding an unacceptable amount of heartworms in documented treated dogs.


I’d like to know if anyone on this site is doing the Ivermectin deal.  I’ve always used Heartguard.  But this horse version could potentially save me $200 a year.

Has anyone on here tried it?

Posted by bw on October 31

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