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Versatile Hunter

IDNR Sustainability Bill Passes

Wed, November 28, 2012

This is the bill that the IDNR has been waiting for to pass and today, it did.  In brief, the bill assesses new or increased fees on such activities as:

·      Endangered species act consultation;
·      Various IDNR issued licenses and permits (hunting and fishing licenses, etc.);
·      Permits issued pursuant to the Rivers, Lakes, and Streams Act;
·      Water use and Lake Michigan water allocation permits;
·      Oil well permitting and assessments;
·      Mine certification and education;
·      Use fees for IDNR properties; and
·      Various vehicle registration fees.

You can view the full language of the bill at:

The bill now goes to the Governor where his signature is expected.


Youth Goose and Turkey Opportunities

Fri, November 23, 2012

The annual private land youth goose hunts are available again.  The hunts take place at private clubs here in central Illinois.  Call 217-785-8060 to check availability. 

Youth turkey hunt opportunities are also available for private ground turkey hunts in various counties throughout Illinois and are part of the newly created Illinois Recreational Access Program (IRAP).  Visit for more information.



Bucks, Ducks, Upland, and Turkey Doggin’ Reports

Wed, November 14, 2012

Deer: I’ve gotten report after report after picture after picture of nice bucks. I’ve hunted multiple days myself, but to no avail.  It’s one of those “hold off on does and little guys until the big boy steps out” kinda years.  And now I’ll be scrambling to put meat in the freezer.  My personal rule is never to take young bucks, so I am now looking at popping an unlucky doe or two during gun season.  Might the shotgun season land square on the rut peak? 

On his first deer hunt Oct. 12 on the 45,000-acre McAlester Army Ammunition Plant, Picone harvested a nine-point buck that weighed just shy of 200 pounds on the hoof and dressed out at 175 pounds.  The buck set a new base record for the heaviest deer taken on the property, and Picone’s name now will appear first on that list.  Participants praised the Wounded Warriors program for giving heroic war veterans an opportunity to experience deer and turkey hunting trips, despite their physical setbacks.

Wheelin Deer Hunt

This is a nice buck harvested on November 2 by my buddy, Pat Morse, at his farm in Macoupin County.  It was headed off to bed around 7:30a and never quite made it.  Said to gross right at 170”. 

Morse Buck

Eric Felmey, of Pekin, arrowed this Peoria county beauty on the evening of November 8th.  The buck sports a double white neck patch and some great mass, length, and character.  Initial estimates put it around 200 inches gross.  Eric had one trail cam picture of the buck on October 7 and had an encounter with him on October 31 in which he was unable to get a shot off.  Luck and perseverance prevailed.  Big congrats on the deer of a lifetime, Eric!

Trail Cam Pic

Felmey Buck

Waterfowl: After reports of good starts on public ground along the IL River, things seem to have slowed, and then picked right back up very recently.  I’m hearing mallards stories now, although Horicon Marsh in WI is supposedly holding 75-100k mallards right now.  We had a good opener with mixed divers and geese at Powerton.  My Emiquon hunt produced 9 ducks of 4 species and I’d consider that a slow day.  They also recently lost 40k birds.  New surveys should be out tomorrow.

Upland: Reports of decent pheasant numbers as compared to recent years here in central and east-central IL.  Same goes for quail, and reports of multiple hatches despite the drought. Unfortunately, my dog Brahms broke a toe chasing squirrels in the back yard the day before the opener (d’oh)—and we had a permit for the Jim Edgar Quail Units!  Just my luck. . .  Looks like we’ll have to wait until after first shotgun to chase roosters and quail and then it’s back to guiding at the local clubs. . . Regardless of where or when, running a good hunting dog is such a rewarding experience. . . .

Turkeys: Caught some turkey poults on camera this past summer—more good news despite the drought.  Has anyone heard of hunting turkeys with dogs?  I’ve heard about it, but never seen it.  This story and picture are pretty cool:  Thin.k your hunting dog can sit that still?  Doubt it. . . .

Most exciting news to date for our family as of late (outdoors and not).  This little guy. . . 

Brooks Harvey


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