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Versatile Hunter

How Will You Contribute. . .

Thu, June 27, 2013

This thought has run through my head for quite some time but I must admit that recently I’ve thought about it more often since my little dude was brought into this world.  We all contribute in some way to the conservation movement, whether it’s by way of paying for equipment and ammunition (by way of taxes), duck stamps, and/or licenses; donating time or money to a conservation organization (DU, NWTF, WU, PF, etc. ); taking a kid or someone new to the sport hunting or fishing, or simply being the voice of hunting in everyday conversation.  I’ve met hunters who barely had a pot to p_ss in that contributed to conservation in talk and I’ve met some wealthy folks that contributed monetarily in a big way but talked like idiots when it came to conservation.  Point is, we all do something, but we could all do more. 

To that end, I suggest you get involved in a local conservation organization.  There are a bunch and although they are all a bit more focused depending on species, they all are ultimately after the same things—habitat loss reduction, species conservation, and ultimately, the future of hunting and outdoors sports. If you’ve ever been involved in a volunteer organization you know that they are often run by a small, but dedicated group of people, regardless of the number of “members” that are on paper.  That’s why it’s important to rotate positions and get everyone leadership experience within the organization.  Keeping everyone fresh and interested and making sure no one gets burned out.  The old saying—10% of the people do 90% of the work, often holds true in these organizations.  Being called “President” usually means someone suckered you into the position.  That being said, every part you can play in one of these organizations is important and we should all strive to make at least a small commitment to get more involved.  This, after all, is what ultimately gives us all the opportunity to pursue our passions in life.  Get off your b_tt and get involved!

Here is a great opportunity for people to get involved with the National Wild Turkey Federation in starting a new chapter.  There work involves helping turkeys, but in the process also helps so many other species of wildlife we so enjoy.  They also have arms involved in youth and disabled hunter education and opportunities. 

Peoria Chapter start up meeting located at the meeting room at Monicals Pizza (4100 W Willow Knolls, Peoria). Tuesday July 9th at 6:30pm.  Dinner will be covered by NWTF.  Please invite anyone you think might be interested in helping as more is always better in this case.
Shown below is the IL State Super Fund information from the last fiscal year.  Illinois is going on 13 straight years as the top fund-raising state in the country and our new initiative “Save the Habitat. Save the Hunt.” is poised to make a huge impact here and across the country.

If there any questions or if you plan on attending, please contact Andrew Limmer at the below contact information. Hope to see folks there! 
Andrew Limmer
Regional Director-Central Illinois
National Wild Turkey Federation
.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
Office: 309-966-1192
Cell: 414-388-6266
Save the Habitat. Save the Hunt.


Opportunity to Voice Your Opinion on the IL Deer Herd Online Still Available

Wed, June 19, 2013

I’m from the school of “don’t complain unless you have a solution to fix the problem you’re complaining about”.  That being said, here is the link to the online IDNR deer herd survey:  You .may have to cut and past it into your web browser.  There is an opportunity to comment at the end.  My opinion on my hunting areas (Cass and Fulton County): I harvest my two does each year, see plenty of deer, and get at least one crack at a Pope and Young or Booner buck each year.  What I do with that opportunity is up to me and that’s a different story.


June 22 Delta Waterfowl Sporting Clays Event

Wed, June 12, 2013

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