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Versatile Hunter

Opportunity to Voice Your Opinion on the IL Deer Herd Online Still Available

Wed, June 19, 2013

I’m from the school of “don’t complain unless you have a solution to fix the problem you’re complaining about”.  That being said, here is the link to the online IDNR deer herd survey:  You .may have to cut and past it into your web browser.  There is an opportunity to comment at the end.  My opinion on my hunting areas (Cass and Fulton County): I harvest my two does each year, see plenty of deer, and get at least one crack at a Pope and Young or Booner buck each year.  What I do with that opportunity is up to me and that’s a different story.


June 22 Delta Waterfowl Sporting Clays Event

Wed, June 12, 2013

Download PDF


Oakridge Sportsmen’s Club Upcoming Shoots and Events

Tue, June 11, 2013

The most exciting shoot and one that still needs participants is the youth shoot on July 20th.  Please sign up your youngsters age 10-16 for this great event and at a cost of 10$ for shells, food, gun use, and equipment—it simply can’t be beat!  Participants must be accompanied by a parent or guardian and they must have eye and ear protection.  Contact Dewey for registration details: 309-208-2624.

Other upcoming shoots at Oakridge:

6-15 Midwest Food Bank

6-22 Riding Therapy and Delta Water Fowl

7-20 St. Jude and Youth Shoot

8-9 MS Shoot

8-10 Greater Peoria Contractors

8-17 Bill Brady Shoot

8-22 Farm Bureau Shoot

8-24 Rocky Mountain Elk

8-25 Pekin Mission

9-7 Boys and Girls club

9-19 Easter Seals

9-21 Good Sheppard’s School

9-26 Easter Seals Lyle Finch

9-28 Pekin First Baptist Church

Again, contact Dewey at the number above for more information.