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Tim's Big Game Blog

The big boys are moving

Fri, October 28, 2016

The adult bucks finally showed themselves the evening of October 21. I talked to numerous hunters who stated that was the first night they saw the big boys move. It was for me too! 

Prior to that meeting, I’d only had this buck on camera moving after dark.

walmsley trail camera big buck

But that evening, this 20-pointer was chasing a big doe and her fawn up to a field at 5:45p.m. The does weren’t in heat, but the bucks were just feeling a little frisky!

Thanks to my good friend Ed for sharing in the moment!

tim walmsley 20 point buck

Tim Walmsley 20 point buck v 2


Congrats tim on a awesome buck. That smile says it all buddy.

Posted by WhitetailFreak on October 28

Great buck TW.  Congrats!

Posted by buckbull on October 28

What a great buck!! Congrats!

Posted by BOWHUNTR on October 31

Way to go Tim.  Bill Brown

Posted by bb5526 on October 31

I see sunshine in picture, did you let sit all nite?  Great Buck!

Posted by BIGPOND on October 31

Tanks guys!

BP: I did- He only went 30 yards and laid down, I watched him expire “I thought”, but it got dark-I Learned long ago the hard way- if your not sure, sneak out quietly and he’ll be there in the morning—and he was!

Posted by walmsley on October 31

THANKS!  not “tank"s- Duh!  heehee

Posted by walmsley on October 31

Nice Job Tim!!! great buck!!

Posted by Flatlander on November 07

Very nice - I think many people have learned that lesson the hard way - better to be safe than cocky!

Posted by jswamp on November 14

nice buck! cool guy!

Posted by djcrokit on November 21

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