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Tim's Big Game Blog

Son’s little buck tops dad’s big buck

Thu, December 29, 2011

Austin buck

How great are these two bucks! Is that not cute as hell with Austin.

The story here is that Mike Umbdenstock shot his big 10-pointer the evening of Nov. 21 at around 4 p.m. in Randolph County.

“I knew he was big, just not this big!” said Mike, who green scored the buck at 174 6/8 inches gross and net 170 1/8 inches. “I am sure he will shrink but he is close to net Booner so we will see.”

But as excited as Mike was about his buck, he was even more pumped up about the 4-pointer shot that same morning by his 7-year-old son, Austin. It was the youngster’s first deer.

“My deer wasn’t the best deer shot, though,” he said. “That 4-point will always be bigger than the Booner!”

mike buck

mike buck 2


That kid’s smile should be on every advertisment for hunting!!! It’s priceless and it sounds like his Dad has the right persepctive on the order of importance. Congrats to them both!

Posted by Mallardmike on December 29

You can tell that the little guy is so happy! Thanks for sharing!

Posted by illinibowhunter on December 29

Both of my boys have been in the woods with me when I have taken deer with my bow…Unbelievable level of excitment…My oldest will be taking the HSC this spring…Nothing better than getting young ones involved…

Posted by outdoorlivin247 on December 29

reminds me of my son’s first deer 17 years ago…same big smile…VERY PRICELESS!!!!!

Posted by deer1 on December 29

The pic of austin made my week,,This boys and girls is what its ALL about!!Great deer also mike!!!!

Posted by WhitetailFreak on December 29

Best smile I think I’ve ever ssen on a kid.

Posted by Treehugger on December 29

I think MallardMike is right on the money. 

It is a lot of fun to harvest our own game, but few things in life can compare to being there when someone has their first taste of something truly life-altering.

Posted by FlintlockShooter on December 29

Dad just told me that Austin is EXTREMELY happy to be on HO!!!! I agree guys, that is one of the most classic kid expresions I’ve ever seen!  Really great!

Posted by walmsley on December 29

I will never forget the look on his face after he shot. It was awesome!! Thanks Tim.

Posted by Umpy on December 29

Fantastic story. I wish I shot my first deer at age 7. I also love that smile…priceless experience for the entire family I’m sure.

Posted by GalenaBob on December 29

That top picture of Austin & his first buck, is a real ‘trophy’ pic !
Congrats on one heck of a day of hunting…...8^)

Posted by Lynn on December 29

Congrats Austin! (you too Mike)!

Posted by shootist on December 30

Great seeing a smile like that, that IS what it’s all about. I hope to see a comparable smile on my sons face this fall. Good job, Austin!

Posted by Doublelung88 on December 31

Is it legal for that tag to be on upside down?

Posted by yellowstone on January 05

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