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Tim's Big Game Blog

Possible world record non-typical?

Wed, February 13, 2013

record non typical?

Emails are going around about this buck saying it was officially scored by Boone and Crockett at 309 7/8 inches net non-typical from eastern Indiana.

That could possibly make it the new world record whitetail non-typical taken by a hunter, surpassing the Albia, Iowa giant. Time will tell.

As of Tuesday, the Boone and Crockett Club had not received any paperwork on the entry.

indiana buck

more indiana non typ pics

even more indy pics


Awesome buck!  Think I might have made a little more effort on the pictures though.

Posted by Andy Meador on February 13

Many people on forums all over the internet don’t believe that this deer is really over 300 inches.  My eyes tell me the same thing, but I don’t think a Boone & Crockett scorer would mess up the scoring of this deer, so I have to believe it must score somewhere near the reported number.  The pictures must not do it justice.

Posted by shootist on February 13

I was a skeptic myself, but I already have more info just since sending this into Jeff Lampe. Boone and Crocket’s Face book page this morning does indeed now state this deer is real. I have info that Circumferences may total upwards of 56”-with Brow tines of 13”, main beams possibly 30”, Giving the rack G2’s of 12”, g3’s of 10”, g4’s of 6”, and g5’s of 4”- add in a 23” inside spread and you have 229” typical frame-it’s said the deer has close to 80” of abnormals- and you end up at 309? N/T!

The world record taken by a hunter from Albia Iowa is 307 5/8”-#2 is the Fulton County IL. Bryant buck at 304 5/8”-

Boone and Crockett would first have to accept the score sheet entry from the official measurer which may take some time. Then, a rack of this size would no doubt get called to be panel measured. Now it’s a wait and see game!

Posted by walmsley on February 13

I should have added that it’s said to have 37 scorable points!

Posted by walmsley on February 13

Having traveled the Midwest as a truck driver it wouldn’t surprise me that this part of the country would produce a monster like this. Cross our fingers for our Hunting Brother and a new record!

Posted by SWAMPMAN on February 13

MOVE OVER MONONA COUNTY!!!!!!  Indiana DNR has it all figured out, the Illinois DNR should implement changes in according with an average of IA and IN.  smile  Keep up the good work Tim love to see the Average Joe knocking down majestic whitetails. 

Have a great weekend, pick up that bone boys before the 1 lb tree beavers get ahold of ‘em.

Posted by PIMPSTAFFER HATER on February 15

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