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Tim's Big Game Blog

Kentucky monster opens 2012 season

Wed, September 05, 2012

Kentucky 250 incher 2012

Let the 2012 deer season begin! 

For some time now I’ve said there’s a new kid on the block besides Iowa and Illinois for producing giant whitetail bucks. It’s Kentucky.

They have been at a one-buck limit for many years now and it shows.

The word on this big boy is that he came from Knox County Kentucky and was in the 250s non-typcial. I believe that to be possible. It has a huge typical frame, exceptional mass, and LOTS of extras with a beautiful September cape.

That’s a happy smile on that young man.

What a giant!


not only is that a great buck, that is a GREAT bow!

Posted by backwoodshntr on September 05

Thats a baby compared to the one I am gonna shoot this year…LOL

I will be lucky to even see a deer like that this year or next or the next after that, you get the picture…

Congrats to the hunter, AWESOME BUCK!!!

Posted by outdoorlivin247 on September 05

Always surprised how early things get started.

Did you all see that the King Buck is going to be panel scored in a few weeks by B&C?  Big news in the world of the whitetail record books…

Posted by SouthsideRiverRat on September 05

I have a buddy in Kentucky who keeps bragging about all the big deer down there.  I tell him I Love seeing these pics of all these monster Kentucky bucks showing up online and hearing about how Kentucky is the new IL & IA.  Hopefully that just means that IL will become less of a draw to non-res hunting and open up more opportunities for local hunters.  That is one awesome deer.

Posted by MattS on September 06

Couldn’t agree more MattS! Congrats to the hunter! Perhaps it’s past time to go to a 1 buck limit here in IL…

Posted by enjycreation on September 06

when I was involved in the push to get the 2 buck limit in Illinois in the 90’s, I surveyed IL deer hunters many times and the VAST majority of hunters said NO to a 1 buck limit-don’t know if it would be any different today?!

Posted by walmsley on September 06

I am all for a 1 buck limit, bring it on!!

Posted by CCHUNTER2024600 on September 06

I’m 1 buck for sure, but I have a feeling that statewide it wouldn’t be favorable.  I think it would sure help things though.

Posted by shootist on September 06

I would HATE a one buck limit.  I also don’t want it unlimited.  I like the two buck limit.  I don’t want to know that if I shoot a good buck on opening morning, like I did a few years ago, my buck season is over and I’ll have to pass on a 200” buck if it walks by.  I wish they’d limit doe permits handed out instead.  Maybe two bucks and two does.  That should be plenty.

Posted by Treehugger on September 06

I kinda agree with THEHUGGER on this one.  Definitely limit the doe harvest.

Posted by MattS on September 06

Just sad… seems rumors fly every time a trophy buck of these caliber is killed regardless of the state it’s killed in.
People wonder why a hunter would hang a buck on his wall and share it with no one but his closest of friends and family only.
apologize for even posting the link its just to make my point.

Posted by silbowhunter on September 06

I would be tempted to pass on that buck and so would many of my friends I’m sure. It just wouldn’t be worth the grief you would get here for shooting a buck like that. We talk often when there is a big buck in our area how we hope it doesnt walk by us, so we don’t have to make that decision. Hard not to let er rip if one like that walks by, thats why we’re out there, but the consequences afterward would be pretty severe. It would be a tough decision on whether or not to let that one walk. I think I would let him go.

Posted by yellowstone on September 06

Holy Crap SBH, I just read that entire conversation on that site- It gave me a headache!  Whow~!

Posted by walmsley on September 07

Holy Crap SBH, I just read that entire conversation on that site- It gave me a headache!  Whow~!

Posted by walmsley on September 07

I probably should have left out “his closest of friends” and left it at “family” in my previous post.


Posted by silbowhunter on September 07

I read all of the posts too, pretty much by the deer hunters play book if you ask me. Start with congratulations then fabricate lies to discredit the hunter and make a criminal out of him, all because the people making up the stories have failed in the woods. Starting to understand why Mitch Rompola screwed with everyone years back on that world record Michigan buck. He was probably a good hunter, fed up with being around a bunch of deer hunters that act like a bunch of junior high girls. Deer hunting used to be a tough man’s sport for the most part, and something you did for self satisfaction and enjoyment. Now it’s more about proving something to others, then trying to disprove them. Sounds familiar, did anyone watch the conventions?

Posted by yellowstone on September 07

For those of you who did not follow up on this buck, it was confirmed by game wardens to have been killed at a high fence operation with a gun. The kid stuck an arrow through it and tried to have it considered as a KY record.

Posted by ndmcdo00 on November 20

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