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Tim's Big Game Blog

Big Kansas typical buck, UPDATE!

Wed, October 22, 2014

As far as big typicals that score well go, this one fits the bill! He’s huge! The deer was killed by Colziah Jones in Chautauqua County. Jones said the deer grossed just over 190 inches and is a typical 12-pointer with 3-inch kickers off the right base.

kansas typical 2014

kansas typical 2014 2

kansas typical 2014 3


Geez that is a toad.  Unbelievable how symmetrical the rack is.  Even the last inch or two on the G5’s point in the same way on both sides.

Posted by buckbull on October 20

Awesome deer! Any guesses what he would score???

Posted by WhitetailFreak on October 20


There is a little G6 on the right beam that might mess up the score a little if it is long enough to score

Posted by tarcticus on October 20

Beautiful buck! Conservatively… 18” inside, 28” beams, 4” G1’s, 10” G2’s, 12” G3’s, 12” G4’s, 10” G5’s, and 36” of mass puts it at 206” gross.  A few burr points look like they could be over 1”.  Could possibly be over 200” net?

Posted by Kevin C on October 20

It has to be close to 200 net I would think.  At least into the 190’s.

Posted by shootist on October 20

Wow!  He’s almost perfect!  That’s a great buck!

Posted by Andy Meador on October 20

  I agree with Kevin! Conservatively….. I think there’s some more inches there! Congrats to the hunter…. hope there’s a good story to go with it!

Posted by RussJames on October 20

Just saw the green score on Facebook. Guess I was fooled. 186 gross typical and 176 net typical after 4” of abnormals. Only leaves 6” in asymmetry deductions. There’s another pic that shows his true size…

Posted by Kevin C on October 20

  Well then I’m was fooled more! Last time I my estimates public!
Still a great buck!!

Posted by RussJames on October 20

always proceed with caution when they sit back by the hind end for pictures.  still a huge deer!!!

Posted by bw on October 21

Good pics then…great buck!

Posted by shootist on October 21

You are right! I considered that with the first picture ,but the second picture is the one that fooled me the most.

Posted by RussJames on October 21


Posted by berlin on October 22

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