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Tim's Big Game Blog

An awe-inspiring buck

Wed, February 01, 2012

monster 9

It’s not very often I get truly awestruck with really big whitetails these days, but this one really impressed me. It is a giant among giants!

Why? Because he is as big as an 8-point can be! Well, he’s actually a 9 point. He’s got a 1 6/8-inch sticker off a G2.

So how big is he? Well, the main beams are 30 inches and 32 inches. That puts him tied for fifth all time in the Boone and Crockett Club records for longest beam, and none of those are 8-pointers. Inside spread is 22 3/8 inches, G2’s are 14 inches and 16 inches and G3’s are both right at 12 inches.

His typical 8-point frame grosses 192 3/8, and he nets 184 7/8 as an 8 point after side-to-side deductions.

Subtract the 1 6/8” sticker and you’ve got a 4X4 buck still netting 183 1/8 typical!

So how’s that compare?

Well the BnC records show the world record 8 pointer, a true 4X4, is a tie: a buck from Michigan and one from South Dakota that both net 180 3/8.

The world record 9pt, a 4X5 from Alberta, nets 182 5/8. I’m not sure if it’s an 8-point with a sticker like this one, or a true typical 9 point. It doesn’t matter. This one is bigger, and in all likelihood, bigger than the 8 point frame of the 4X4.

Just a monster! The lucky hunter, Jason Sanders, killed the buck in central Illinois on 12/1/11 on opening day of the second firearm season. He had trail cam pictures of the deer from the summer and saw the buck the first gun season, but didn’t like the shot and let him go by.

He did a lot of thinking while waiting for the second gun season to arrive, but when it did, he made it count. And it could not have happened to a nicer guy. You’ll be able to see this hog at the Illinois Deer & Turkey Classic in Peoria.

Just a spectacular animal!

monster 9 dead


Awesome, just plain and simply awesome…

Posted by outdoorlivin247 on February 01

aww man thats awesome

Posted by MattS on February 01

Giant 8!!!Awesome is right!!!!Tim curious how old you think the deer is???Looks like 5-5.5 too me…...

Posted by WhitetailFreak on February 01

Unbelievebale buck….definitely AWE INSPIRING!

Posted by BucknBass84 on February 01

Looks like his Momma bred with a Caribou.

Posted by Treehugger on February 01

WF, Jason and I talked about his age- all I can say is, the bucks skull plate was as thick as I’ve ever seen one- that only happens when they get really old- hard to say for sure: 5 1/2 and up!

Posted by walmsley on February 01


Posted by archernut_ibs on February 01

Come on, Tim.  It’s an Illinois buck.  It’s probably not more than 2-1/2.

Posted by Treehugger on February 01


Posted by walmsley on February 01


Posted by deer1 on February 01

What a buck, congrats man!

Posted by CCHUNTER2024600 on February 01

I was fortunate enough to see this deer hanging in the garage the day it was shot.  To see it in person and then see the pictures - seeing it in person impressed me more (most times you see the pics, then see the deer or mount later and the pic makes the rack look bigger - not this time).

Posted by Gilly1 on February 01

I Totally agree Gilly!  Pic’s DON’T do it justice!

Posted by walmsley on February 01

awesome buck! congrats!!

Posted by foodplotPhil on February 02

anybody know approximately where this fella was shot?  I live in Oregon now, but grew up outside of Victoria, IL.  That is one good looking deer.

Posted by tntingleaf on February 03

He doesnt look happy with his buck. sad

Posted by Buck-Man on February 03

Beleive me, he’s VERY HAPPY!

Posted by walmsley on February 03

According to Field and Stream, it was shot in Logan County.  County seat is Lincoln.  Awesome buck, Jason.  Congrats.  Bill Brown

Posted by bb5526 on February 14

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