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Tim's Big Game Blog

Don Travis’ Arizona elk

Thu, October 07, 2010

My friend Don Travis accumulated 17 years of preference points and finally drew a coveted Arizona elk tag. On the sixth day of his hunt, he took this awesome 6x6 Bull.  Congrats Don!

don travis elk

travis elk 2

travis elk 3

arizona scenes


Huge Canada mule deer

Mon, October 04, 2010


Here’s an awesome mule deer taken by a hunter named Dave with a bow in Canada, maybe Alberta, maybe Saskatchewan.

The buck reportedly grossed 259 1/8 non-typical and 211 7/8 typical and netted 254 4/8 non-typical and 207 typical.

The story that’s been e-mailed around is that Dave saw the buck feeding with three other bucks, tried to sneak in for a shot and got busted. He went back that night and saw the buck was still there. So he came back the next morning, tried to stalk the buck again and got busted again with no shot. Due to work and other commitments, Dave could not hunt the next two days. When he finally got back he spotted the deer in the field, then left his truck at 8:15 a.m. and went in for the stalk. He finally got within 28.5 yards with the wind in his face and the buck completely unaware of his presence. Dave wrote that he waited, kneeling for 2.5 hours, hoping the buck would stand. When the big buck finally did get up, he was ready and got the job done.





Big buck from Minnesota

Sun, October 03, 2010

Here’s a nice buck with good mass shot near Hokah, Minn. Hokah has produced
some other nice deer, including the short-lived Minnesota record non-typical
bowkill. That record was broken last fall.

Hokah buck
Hokah Buck2


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