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Stream Stalker

New DVD - Big Appetite, Small Mouth

Fri, September 28, 2012

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The popularity of fly fishing for river smallmouths seems to grow exponentially each month.  More and more information can be found on TV, magazines, and online.  In fact, many anglers who had never picked up a fly rod in the past, are now becoming more intrigued with this style of fishing.  Some of these intrigued anglers are purchasing their first fly rod and probing the rivers looking for stream bronze.

I know when I first started fly fishing, I searched high and low for as much information as I could get.  Some of it was useful and some of it was not.  A new DVD has hit the market that is just full of outstanding information pertaining specifically to river smallies.  This DVD is called, Big Appetite, Small Mouth.

This DVD was expertly put-together by two fly fishing guides from Michigan – Kevin Feenstra and Jon Ray.  In addition to Kevin and Jon’s fishing expertise, Erik Rambo of Snap T Pictures did an outstanding job with the video quality and photography.

Before I sing the praises of this new DVD, let me tell you what I don’t like about many fly fishing DVDs.  In short, many fly fishing videos are simply a collection of scenes of fish being caught.  In addition, these scenes are paired with fancy music and little to no instruction.  Most fly fishermen I know are looking for a video that shows off some great smallies caught on the fly rod, but they are also looking for more information – NOT MORE MUSIC!  This DVD does a great job of combining information with some great fish-catching action.

Big Appetite, Small Mouth is broken down into three main chapters.  These chapters are based on the genre of flies that are most commonly used for smallies – streamers, poppers, and crayfish.  Feenstra and Ray take the time to tell their viewers when they tend to choose each certain type of fly and where each type of fly shines.  In addition, they discuss the ideal size and weight of each fly as it pertains to the prevailing river conditions.  In addition, Kevin and Jon discuss items such as rod and line choice, as well as hook-setting principles.

Interspersed throughout the main three chapters are outstanding, step-by-step tutorials on how to tie the flies that are discussed throughout the video.  The combination of camera angles and verbal instruction makes it very easy to understand how to tie the flies that Kevin and Jon use on a regular basis to put fish in the boat.  Most fly fishing DVDs only display a couple of flies.  This DVD highlights FIVE flies with expert instruction on their construction.  In addition, each fly is filmed under water to give the viewer an idea of how the fly looks to the bass.  Furthermore, they history of each fly is discussed as well as why each type of materials is used.  Kevin and Jon definitely use some unique flies.  No simple Wooly Buggers here.  One idea I thought was unique was Jon’s use of lead wire on the back of a popper.  The use of a few lead wire wraps in the back allows the popper to sit at a 45 degree angle – much like standard poppers thrown by anglers using spinning and casting equipment.

No DVD is complete without a few extras.  Big Appetite, Small Mouth does not disappoint when it comes to extras.  One extra section talks about knots and gives the angler expert instruction on how to tie the Eugene Knot and the Non-Slip Loop Knot.  The Eugene Knot was totally new to me and very intriguing.  While there are many non-slip, loop knots, Kevin and Jon showed one I had never seen.  Another section of the DVD entails, in pictures, how they created all the great underwater footage.
In conclusion, this DVD, without a doubt, is the best instructional DVD I have ever viewed.  Anglers new to the sport of fly fishing for smallies would benefit strongly from watching this video.  Even seasoned pros would find a few tips and tactics that would improve their fishing as well.  The video and audio quality is unmatched.  The underwater footage is phenomenal and provides some of the best instruction.

Kudos to you, Kevin, Jon, and Eric on a job well done!!

Here is the trailer for the DVD:

If you wish to purchase this outstanding DVD, here is the link:—Big-Appetite%2C-Small-Mouth-DVD.html



I want a copy!

Posted by coinman66 on September 28

Great lookIng video. I’m going to pick it up.

Posted by JimJ on September 28

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