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Stream Stalker

Great day at Hooked on Fishing

Mon, March 14, 2011

What a day we had on Saturday.  While it was a little windy, we were lucky that we had wind-breaks all around us at the Hooked on Fishing Park in East Peoria.  Approximately 12 hardy fly fishermen were in attendance, and all had a great time.  Many, many GIANT trout were caught and released along with a few bass, hybrid bluegill, and a striper.  Here are some pics from our day spent chasing the beautiful Rainbow Trout:

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If you are a fly fisherman and you missed the event, shame on you.  You missed a great day.  We were able to raise just a touch over $400 for the park.  I hope to do another fundraising fishing event in the near future…..................stay tuned.


Hatchery trout proved to be more challenging than their wild cousins. While I didn’t land a single trout the event was a great experience and the future possibilities are endless. It was neat for me to see the enormous interest of fly fishing in the central Illinois area. I thought I was alone.  My only suggestion for future events would be a luncheon under the pavilion. If Nate would be ok with it, I would love to fire that enormous grill up and get some food cooking for the participants. I’m no chef Todd but would be willing to donate and grill up some deer steak, burgers, and whatever else anyone wanted to provide to the cause. I hope the evening banquet was as successful as the fishing event. I know my son had a great time as well, I think out of the three kids running around that day, 2 ended up in the drink excited over netting all the fish caught, one of course being my own. The Hooked on Fishing Park is a great program to sustain and maintain for the future of our sport.  Keep up the hard work Nate it does not go unnoticed.

Posted by Colt on March 14

Hey Colt,
There normally is food associated with every event or fishing trip, but unfortunately I was tied up Saturday with the fundraising dinner. I am ok with absolutely anyone volunteering to offer food and services!!! More than ok, any help with anything is greatly appreciated!

I have a volunteer email list that I shoot out whenever there is a direct need for volunteers or items at the park for events. If anyone would like to get on that list please send me an email to .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Posted by Nate on March 14

I’m pretty tied up until the beginning of May with school, but would be more than willing to help out this summer between jobs. I will shoot you my email address so I can get on the “hit list.”
Jonn do you think there would be enough interest to get a central Illinois “longrod” club up and going? Maybe it’s just a pipedream, but there were way more guys out there than I had ever dreamed.  Nothing fancy, just some guys with a similar interest getting together a couple times a year to hit the water. I know you’re terribly busy with everything else on your plate, but I just wanted to pick your brain a bit.

Posted by Colt on March 15

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