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Stream Stalker

First Fly Fish of Spring….............Muskie

Tue, March 11, 2014

The recent warm weather has my juices flowing.  I have been home too many weekends of late.  It is time to get out and chase some fish.  While I am excited to get back on the rivers and chase some bronzebacks, my thoughts right now are centered on the mighty Muskie.  The way I figure it, as soon as the ice exits the local lakes, there should be some mighty hungry Muskies. 

One place in particular that I am watching is Spring Lake.  Everyone has told me how incredible the ice-out bite can be.  I must admit that I have only fished Spring in the Fall.  Spring Lake and I, in the past, have had some disagreements.  I have fly fished it numerous times the last few years and just cannot put a fish in the boat.  I have had follows and one fish hooked, but landing a Muskie on Spring has eluded me.  What makes this fact so frustrating is the fact that the lake is just full of Muskies.
When I fish Evergreen Lake with my good buddy and guide, Thad Hinshaw, and I come up empty, I don’t feel too bad as Evergreen is a big lake with not near the number of Muskies per acre as Spring.

When the ice exits Spring, I must kill the curse of Spring Lake.  For now, I have been tying muskie flies in anticipation of the real spring thaw.  Below are two flies that I tied for fellow HO blogger Andrew Ragas.  Andrew ordered these articulated flies in his own custom colors back in February.  Andrew, a very accomplished Muskie angler, has caught the Muskie on the fly bug as well:

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

I hope they put a big Muskie in the boat for Andrew.


Those are attention getters.  Nice ties Jonn.

Posted by coinman66 on March 11

Good luck on the muskie Jonn! I still want to come down there to fish pike with you sometime too…BTW a lot of the ice went out yesterday on some of our float areas up here. I think I’m gonna go “hunting” Friday to see if I can find any on the move toward spawning grounds.

Posted by esox_lucius on March 11

We get a ton of muskie tearing up our spinnerbaits while bass fishing at Spring Lake.  You don’t have to go far from the ramp to find them that’s for sure!!  Good luck sir!!

Posted by Bassfishn13 on March 12

Jonn, wanted to comment publicly rather than privately by email. Just returned from a week of muskies in TN to find these babies sitting on my desk. They are works of art and hopefully 2014 is the year of a first fly beast. Thanks again, nailed em exactly like I had envisioned!

[top - redhorse // bottom - LOTW black & nickel]

Posted by Andrew Ragas on March 16

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