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Stream Stalker

A Big Day for the Swim Jig

Thu, March 08, 2012

Yesterday the emails were rolling in from jig customers and friends who were on the water throwing my swim jig.  It all started late morning when I received a series of emails from Frank Harvey.  Frank is a loyal reader of this blog and a big fan of my Scout swim jigs.  Here is what he wrote:

“Thank you Mr Swim Jig!”  Simple and too the point as Frank had just landed a big Largemouth:

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Congrats Frank on your great fish.

Then, later in the day, my good buddy Jim emailed me to tell me that he was able to connect with his first two river smallies for 2012.  Both were caught on the swim jig and he posted a little video:

And, finally, late in the day I got an email from Rich Klockenga.  Rich picked up some of my swim jigs at the Elmwood show.  As far as I know he had never thrown a swim jig before.  I had set him up with some jigs and the correct trailers at the show.  He sent me this email:

Jonn, I made a trip to Snakeden today to give your Swim Jigs a workout that I bought at the Elmwood show. Windy as hell and warm today put some nice bass up into the shallower water. I used the 1/4 oz. White with white swim tail most of the morning. I think the name on the jig box is money and I was in the money on the bass this morning. 15 hits and 11 nice bass came to the shore. The fish ranged from 13 to 17 inches with almost all of them 15 to 17 inches and all feisty. I tried the Bluegill color and dark tail but switched back to the white on white to catch all the fish. The hooks are awesome sharp. A windy day it was today and I’ll be out again in the morning. I’ve got some pictures from my phone but they aren’t as good as my camera usually takes. It’s difficult taking pictures by yourself.

I really enjoyed talking to you last Saturday and the seminar was terrific. The Swin Jigs are going to get some more workouts including the 3/8th size.

And, here are a couple of pics from his exciting day:

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Quite a day on the bass fishing front.  I really hated to be at work and not fishing.  All that warm weather and full moon put the bass on the feed.



Thanks again Jonn for an awesome lure. That was the biggest Largemouth i have ever caught. Congrats to all who had a great day with the swim jig.

Posted by coinman66 on March 08

Those swim jigs do look good. I lost out in my silent auction bid on some and now I’m really unhappy. Should have spent more. Also, all the folks who fished yesterday were wise! Imagine going out today in this cold. Spring is all about making the most of the conditions. Looks like next Tuesday and Wednesday (temps in the 70s) will be good days to call in sick.

Posted by Jeff Lampe on March 08

John,  how do you fish the swim jigs?  From the name I assume you do not fish them on the bottom like a regular jig and trailer.

Posted by James S on March 08


You are right… do not drag or hop them on the bottom.  You cast the bait, count it down to whatever level you want, and then reel it back.  The only thing you change is the speed of the retrieve.

Posted by stream stalker on March 08

What a day yesterday?! Congrats to those who were able to get out and capitalize on a perfect day to fish!

Posted by esox_lucius on March 08

All of this is getting me pumped up and ready to go. I too bought some of your swimjigs at the Elmwood show. I also want to say that your seminar was fantastic. If anyone one hasn’t attened one of Jonn’s eminars you really should consider doing so. I’ve never met anyone more passionate about smallies as what Jonn is. Thanks and keep up the good work Jonn.

Posted by river51 on March 08

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