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Stream Stalker

9 pound Smallie from the Land of Cheese

Tue, May 20, 2014

A must see to believe….................


Watch the whole video as they take the scale to a local grocery store and have the scale verified….................................All I can say is WOW!~!!!!



that’s one hell of a fish John! those guys have it together. Biggest we ever caught was 7lb’s in Norris Lake TN. while fishing for Stripers with live shad.

Posted by walmsley on May 20

My biggest smallie was 5#.  Fishing Little Vermilion Lake, Sioux Lookout, Ontario, just about this time of year.  We were expecting to catch lake trout shallow, but it turned out that it was one of the warmest springs ever.  The trout were already deep, but the smallies were running.  In 5 days, two of us caught at least 40 smallmouth over 3#.  Truly a memorable trip.

Posted by riverrat47 on May 20

Very Nice Fish!  My biggest is 5 pounds 8 ounces and it was caught when I was at the ripe old age of 6!  Saginaw bay off the dock with a minnow.  It hangs on the wall in my childhood bedroom to this day.  Only fish I’ve ever had mounted.

Posted by Bigb on May 20

I do have to say, I hate when they have to endorse everything in every sentence.  It’s the one thing I hate about hunting shows and the main reason I DVR my favorites so I can fast forward through all the BS advertising.

Posted by Bigb on May 20

That sure is much bigger than the 21"er I released a couple weeks ago in the WI River! Kudos to those guys and nice to see her released. A true brute! I agree with you BIGB about talking up the sponsors. I would rather see honest excitement than hear a rant about this product or that. Although, if I caught that fish I can honestly say that there would be some comments bleeped out!

Posted by ToddC on May 20

RiverRat, I’ve been there! Didn’t think we’d ever get to the sandbar for a boat ramp through all the back roads. Had a great smallie day there as well, throwing inline spinners to them in the shallows and sight fishing. Last time I was there was in ‘92 with my uncle who was celebrating his 50th consecutive year of going to Sioux Lookout.

Posted by Kevin C on May 20

Kevin, last time I was there was `81.  There were some guys from Springfield that owned a few cabins on the lake, so I had a free place to stay.  For a decade, it was a great deal and loads of fun.

Posted by riverrat47 on May 23

Yep, inline spinners…Mepps Comet were the ticket (the one with the hokey rubber minnow).  I’d had one in my tackle box for years and never caught a thing on it.  My buddy started catching big smallies, 5 to my 1, so he convinced me to use my ONLY one.  A toothy monster destroyed it, and I had to pay premium Canadian prices for a few more.  As soon as I got home, I picked up a half dozen…haven’t gotten a bite on one of those things since.

Posted by riverrat47 on May 23

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