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Shootin' Whitetails

Velvet Antlers

Tue, May 31, 2011


There’s something about warm summer evenings spent outdoors photographing whitetails that I love. It may not be summer yet, but it felt like it last night, as I went out for the first time in a while to check on the local deer. It was warm bordering on hot, and humid, but the steady southerly breeze kept conditions bearable. It didn’t take long to locate the deer; a newly planted soybean field held many young bucks sprouting antlers. Some bucks appeared to be growing their first racks; others would be replacing antlers that they had shed at the end of this past winter.



This doe accompanied by her offspring from last year were cautiously making their way through the tall grass on their way to the soy bean field.


I was surprised when a red winged blackbird landed on the back of the doe. It stayed on her for a few minutes, doing its best impression of a cattle egret pickeing bugs off her back. I’m not sure if this is a common behavior for blackbirds or not, but it definitely was the first time I had witnessed anything like it.


Just before the sun slipped below the horizon taking the last bit of shooting light with it, this young buck made an appearance. He seemed to be saying, “hello old friend it’s been a while. Where have you been”? I assured him before returning home that it wouldn’t be the last time he saw me and that from now on he would be seeing more of me. I even promised to make him famous if he continued to model from me. I can’t wait to get back out and see my friends again.




Nice photos!!

Posted by Isshe on June 01

the red wing is an awesome shot!!!

Posted by SILO Bob on June 01

I agree with you SILO BOB I have spent a lot of years hunting and never seen that. You would think it would make that doe skittish. Just goes to show you the more time you spend in the field the more things you see and learn.

Posted by berlin on June 01

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