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Shootin' Whitetails

Sticker up Close

Mon, October 25, 2010


Yesterday afternoon might have been one of those days you look back on with a smile and sigh when you remember them. I love autumn and yesterday was just about perfect to be out enjoying nature at its finest. The rich loamy smell of the timber and leaves brought back fond childhood memories. I can remember being a kid and rushing home from school to enjoy a couple hours fishing or roaming the woods before dark and homework. These thoughts were passing though my head as I journeyed out to try and get some pictures of deer. From that point on, things only got better for me. I know some hunters were probably lamenting the warm and windy weather and it’s negative effect on deer movement and activity. This wasn’t the case for me as I saw as many as half a dozen different bucks last evening cruising the woods, visiting scrapes, and checking the wind. Yesterday I got reacquainted with “Sticker”, the buck I posted about previously here on Heartland. When he appeared, my heart just about skipped a beat as his head popped up at the edge of the timber.


I fired off a few shots and was hoping he would head my way. He proceeded out of the timber and appeared to be scent checking the wind. A quick smell and he was off on a mission.


A quick check of the does proved that they were not ready yet, but he was definitely making sure!


After spooking off the does, he spent some time just looking around. I caught this shot of him dripping saliva out of his mouth. I have witnessed this with a lot of bucks, but usually later in the rut when it is going stronger. Sometimes the saliva just pours out of the buck’s mouth.


Stickers stopped and gave me a chance to shoot a few more close ups before spotting another group of does and high tailing out of the area to check on them.



So it ended up being a great day for picture taking, as well as another day that I will remember about and smile.



Jim you take some amazing pictures…  I am jealous of all the time you get to go out to the woods.  I am very envious of you and your unbelievable encouters.  Keep sharing your great pictures with us.  What part/county of the state do you live in?

Posted by GalenaBob on October 25

Jim, great photo’s as always!  But get this: I believe You have TWO “Stickers” bucks! The one filmed on Oct. 4th is Much older and bigger! He has tremendous G4’s on both sides and is a 10pt not counting the sticker off G2 on the right which hangs outward. He also has a “flare” or the start of a G5 at the end of his right main beam. The buck of Sept. 17th, is the same as your latest photo’s of the 24th., but not as heavy. He has much smallet G4’s, and has 6 points on the right not counting the sticker, which points backwards and not out.Both have similar brows but the Oct 4th buck has brows much closer together. Funny that both have the sticker in the same place, and sililar brow shapes! So one is a 11pt, and the other a 12pt. You have TWO dandy’s on film my friend!

Posted by walmsley on October 25

Tim you right! I was so focused on that sticker I didn’t pay attention to the smaller one having those crab claws. Bigger sticker is much heavier! Now I have to come up with a new nick name for one of them! smileHmmm ... maybe Crab Claws?

Posted by mdoc on October 25

GALENABOB, most all pic’s from Central Illinois around Springfield area.

Posted by mdoc on October 25

That will work Jim!!  C.C. for short!

Posted by walmsley on October 25

SOS….......... son of Sticker

Posted by The Colonel on October 26

Beautiful images Jim! I sure hope I get a chance to spend a day afield with you and the cameras again this year! Imagine - 2 Stickers! You lucky devil you…

Posted by G on October 26

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