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Shootin' Whitetails

Drop Tine Buck

Thu, October 21, 2010


Here are some pictures of a nice drop tine buck I shot. The story actually begins in 2008 when I shot these pictures of this nice little buck. It was November 15th 2008, the rut was in full swing and he was sticking close to a doe. I remember thinking at the time how much I liked his rack; it was nice and rounded and I thought he would make a good buck in a few years. I’m pretty sure this is the same buck from two years ago.



On November 6th of 2009 I was able to get some more pictures of him. He had gotten wider and was sporting a forked brow tine. I am pretty sure he is the same buck given the rounded shape of the rack. Once again lover boy was hot in pursuit of a doe.



Flash forward to October 5th of this year, when I shot this picture of “Drop Tine” in a field with some prairie grass. He is quite a bit bigger, and now has a drop tine; the split brow tine is now on the opposite side. Same Deer… I think so.  Again notice the same rounded shape to his rack. This year he is definitely a trophy.


Last night I was fortunate enough to photograph him again. He was out in broad daylight grunting like a fool, stopping at a licking branch and making scrapes. Here’s a few of probably over a hundred shots I fired off of him last night.




This is truly one nice buck and I hope to get some more pictures of him this fall. Are the above pictures the same deer? I know the deer I photograph fairly well, and I would bet on it that they are. Regardless, they are all perfect examples of why I love photographing the majestic whitetail.



Looks like the same deer to me. It’s so great that you have pic’s over the couple years of the same deer. It really shows how a bucks antlers grow from year to year. Also shows the good genetics in the area. Awesome pic’s!!!

Posted by OvercupArcher on October 21

Looks like that deer belongs on the cover of a magazine, huh?

Posted by Jeff Lampe on October 21

Gotta be the same buck.  Awesome documentary!  Do you think he was 3.5 in 2008?  His body looks like a 3.5 then and he would be a 5.5 now if that is the case.

Posted by shootist on October 21

Jim - I have to agree with the others - I so enjoy the way you’ve documented the deer in your area over the years. Lots of valuable information coming from you and your camera!

Posted by G on October 21

I’d put him at 4 1/2 now, if it’s the same buck—Great Pic’s Jim!!!!

Posted by walmsley on October 21

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