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Recent entries


Shootin' Whitetails


Thu, October 14, 2010

Well anyone who has followed my posts know I like to nickname the deer I’m watching. This big guy I’ve named Sticker, for obvious reasons. I hadn’t had an opportunity to see many bucks before the corn came down this year. September 17th was the first time I saw this buck and was able to photograph him. Here are a couple of shots of him from that day.




Although I saw him occasionally in the next few weeks it wasn’t until October 4th that I was able to get some more pictures of him.


That’s right little man handle this guy with care!


He kept an eye on the smaller bucks that were sparring.


I’ve also seen him a lot with this big eight pointer.



It’s bucks like these that keep us going to our stands during deer season.


Bucks and Bigger Bucks

Mon, October 11, 2010

It’s great to be here at Heartland and working with Jeff again. I look forward to posting pictures and stories about what is happening with the deer herd in Central Illinois.  Autumn is advancing and so is the deer activity. Over the last few weeks I’ve seen a marked increase in deer activity not only does, bucks too, and some big ones. Friendly sparring and tine tapping from two weeks ago has become more pronounced pushing and shoving among juvenile bucks.

Sparring Bucks1

Sparring bucks2

These young bucks are establishing their status among their peers. I watched as most of these bucks would spar with each other then move along the field edge stopping at scrapes with licking branches.

Sparring bucks3

Mature bucks are showing themselves in daylight hours too, and I’ve been able to photograph a few great looking bucks including the two below.

Big Boys1

Big bucks2

In the weeks ahead things will continue to heat up and I plan on being there to get some more shots.

Spotlight buck


Jim Mordacq joins

Wed, October 06, 2010

Welcome aboard to our newest blogger here at Heartland, Jim Mordacq of Springfield. Jim is a gifted photographer who specializes in deer pictures. With no further ado, let’s get the words out of the way and let the photos speak for themselves.

Mordacq pic 1

Mordacq pic 2

Mordacq pic 3

Mordacq pic 4


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