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Why no pictures of the day?

Tue, October 05, 2010

A reader e-mailed me the other day asking why I had not kept posting the pictures I was supposed to be taking every day.

Well, the reality of my life in the past few weeks has precluded me from taking a picture a day. Plus, I had to give the Journal Star back all the nice lenses they let me use.

So, until I can get my head above water (in terms of both time and money), I just can’t post many pictures.

Sorry. I really enjoyed posting pictures for nearly six months over on PSO. And I’d like to do something similar here at Heartland Outdoors once we get things under control.


I know most of us understand how busy things got to be right now with your new venture.  The pic of the day thing had to be a pain some times and took a lot of time.  Maybe start out with a pic of the week for a little while.  BTW, are you going to start a forum here?

Posted by MattS on October 05

Well, we could do a forum. We may do a forum. We have the forum software sitting here waiting to be loaded. The question is, do we need a forum? Is there enough demand? Do the benefits outweigh the headaches? Let me know what you guys think.

Posted by Jeff Lampe on October 05

The forum will draw traffic definitely.  But it is just something else to watch and keep the spammers out.  It would be another place for real advertisers to have a banner and probably draw more interest on that side.  It can always be started out small and added onto as needed.  There are a lot of tricks that can be done to eliminate spammers.  But it always comes down to having someone watch it regularly.

Posted by MattS on October 05

Let’s see how the site builds. I definitely see a forum at some point in the future.

Posted by Jeff Lampe on October 05

Having a way for outdoorsman to connect and chat online would be an asset for sure, I dont think you need a full blown forum though- something simple might be the ticket.

Posted by Nate on October 05

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