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The rut is so strong that ...

Fri, November 16, 2012

Jeff buck 2012

Yes, the rut is strong in my corner of Peoria County. Strong enough that I was able to shoot this decent 11-point buck this morning.

I’ll give details later. For now it’s time to get the oldest boy out into the woods and hope he can top my buck.

Hope the morning went well for all you.



Congrats!!! That is a dandy!
-Darin DeNeal

Posted by shootist on November 16

Real nice Buck, now that is certainly a double handfull of antlers for sure. Looks like that head tag means it will be going to a taxidermist soon. I will be looking for that rack with those great looking brow tines at the Elmwood sports show this spring. I hope it makes it there. Good Luck with the hunt with your oldest, you won’t be getting any rest now until he drops one.

Posted by Lonerfly on November 16

Great buck, Jeff.  Conratulations.  I hope the boy scores.

Posted by Treehugger on November 16

Where is the smile?

Posted by Booner on November 16

Nice one!  Dead quiet here in Macon County. No deer, no shots for as far as the eyes can see and ears can hear.

Posted by Walston on November 16

Congrats Jeff!

Posted by Kevin C on November 16

Awesome buck Jeff. The rut is scary strong here in NW Il too. There is going to be an awful lot of bucks hitting the ground. The farm I hunt put three ten pts, an 8 pt and a dandy 11 pt down.  Almost all were takin under rut circumstances, chasing does or responding to the calls.

Posted by CCHUNTER2024600 on November 16

Atta boy fearless leader!

Posted by G on November 17

Nice buck. Congrats Jeff!

Posted by mdoc on November 19

Holy beard! Somebody took no shave november seriously!

Posted by buckz-n-duckz on November 19

Great buck Jeff- Congrats!

Posted by Mallardmike on November 20

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