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IDNR releases waterfowl dates, lines

Fri, December 18, 2015

Politics is still alive and well in Illinois.

More proof of that comes from the recently released waterfowl hunting dates and zone lines for 2016-20 released by the Illinois Department of Natural Resources.

The dates show slight changes from previously released proposed dates. Read closely. Check out the South Central Zone. Feel free to comment.

And be aware that season dates and zone lines can be influenced by things such as the threat of a lawsuit, political influence and calls from legislators.

That said, you will never be able to please all the duck and goose hunters in this long, varied state. Not with 44 zones.

It does seem, unfortunately, that the voice of public hunters is often lost behind the louder voices of private clubs and individuals.



This type of monkey business on waterfowl seasons has been going on forever. In the early ‘80’s I was at the Mississippi Flyway Council Meeting. Canada Goose numbers were way down and IL. was getting a 20 day goose season with a limit of one. After all the states agreed to the cutbacks, a representative of the Southern Il. Quota Zone came up front to the mic. He told the Council that the SIQA wanted 2 geese and full season. It was denied and he then said, “tomorrow I am headed for Washington with money in my pocket, we will get what we want”. All of IL had a 20 day goose season with limit of one….................. SIQ had full season limit of 2.

Posted by The Colonel on December 19

Ok, this just put an end to any trapping of any waterfowl area. Yep the end of those trappers coming in an targeting those egg eaters like coons, skunks, and possums.

I have to agree with the Colonel here, that the politics of waterfowl hunting has far out weighed any common sense approach to wildlife management. I here many complain about outfitters in regards to whitetail deer, but the waterfowl outfitters have been a plague upon this state for a far longer period of time. Waterfowl cohabitate with many other species needing of management practices, and to ignore them is not only arrogant, but a dangerous form of management that could be detrimental to a whole ecosystem.

When the beavers start chewing down your blinds, and your nesting numbers go to hell don’t come looking for a trappers to trap your waterfowl areas come April after the fur quality has went to hell, nope you guys will be on your own. You want it done on a nuisance permit, well fine get ready to pay out the ass for something you could of had for free. (yes I said free) Maybe they will get USFWS involved in predator, and beaver control within these waterfowl areas, gee that’s smart there going to use your tax dollars now to control something that could have been done for free. Lack of management for all species, and the possibility of spending more of your tax dollars, just for a few more days hunting by a few waterfowl hunters, that’s just great. Don’t you just wish you were as smart as these people, not.


Posted by Ringtailtrapper on December 27

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