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Emiquon will be a duck hotspot

Thu, October 21, 2010

I wonder how long the line will be for the opening day drawing at the Emiquon Preserve near Havana?

Emiquon is holding plenty of ducks, as the latest aerial survey shows. On Monday, 50,775 of the 99,150 ducks in the river valley were all quacking at Emiquon. Here are the surveys, which also show a low count of just 37,000 some ducks on the Mississippi River.



The ducks are there because Emiquon has some of the best food available in the upper or middle Illinois River Valley.

So it stands to reason the site will also be popular with waterfowlers. With that in mind, here are details on hunting The Nature Conservancy’s jewel of a wetland.

WHAT: The Nature Conservancy announced today it will allow public waterfowl hunting at its Merwin Preserve at Spunky Bottoms and Emiquon Preserve. Fishing will not be allowed during hunting hours. The Merwin Preserve at Spunky Bottoms is located eight miles northwest of Meredosia in Brown County and the Emiquon Preserve is located six miles southeast of Lewistown in Fulton County. All hunters must provide proof of a valid hunting license and waterfowl stamps to be included in the drawing and/or hunting.  All hunters must sign a hunter permit/liability waiver and hunters under 18 years of age must also have a hunter permit/liability waiver signed by their legal parent or guardian and be accompanied by a responsible adult. There will be no fee charged this year for waterfowl hunting at the Emiquon Preserve or Merwin Preserve.

WHEN: These two preserves will be open to the public for waterfowl hunting on a limited basis until noon every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday from Oct. 30 to Dec. 28.  Drawings at each site will be held promptly at 5:15 a.m. on hunting days—at Merwin in the Conservancy’s large white machine shed just east of County Road 12 (also known as Lagrange Locks Road) approximately one-half mile south of Township Road 500.

Drawings for Emiquon will be held at Dickson Mounds Museum’s Eveland Village Site ( The Museum is located at 10956 North Dickson Mounds Museum Road near Lewistown, Illinois 61542.  After entering the main entrance, take the first left to the parking area for the Eveland Village Site.

There are no advance drawings or reservations. Participants must register for each day’s drawing between 5:00 a.m. and 5:15 a.m.

WHY: Sustainable hunting opportunities are offered as a public service and to share some of the many multiple-use benefits provided by restored wetlands. The Nature Conservancy is restoring and managing these preserves as part of an effort to conserve the plant and animal communities of the Illinois River system. The Illinois River Valley is a major stopover site for migrating waterfowl in the Midwest.

CONTACT: For more information on our waterfowl hunting program, contact The Nature Conservancy hunter hotline at (309) 547-2700 or office at (309) 547-2730 Monday-Thursday.