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Emiquon still has bass

Thu, October 21, 2010

It has been a frustrating summer for anglers at the Emiquon Preserve near Havana.

For some anglers, bass fishing has not been as easy as it was last year, when fish were caught by the hundreds.

Some feared a die-off. Others claimed the state took too many fish for the Hennepin-Hopper restocking.

Well, surveys this week showed there are still plenty of bass at Emiquon.

Here’s the full report from fisheries biologist Rob Hilsabeck.

“The electrofishing survey on Monday revealed a very strong largemouth bass population from 12 to 17 inches.  A few of the brood largemouth bass were also sampled, including the 7.2 pound fish in the picture.

emiquon bass 

“The big year class of black crappie are now at an average size of 12 inches, and the bluegill are topping out at 8 inches. 

“Unique fish species that were stocked and have established populations include the bowfin (aka dogfish, male in the photo), spotted gar, warmouth sunfish, starhead topminnow and lake chub suckers. 

emiquon dogfish

“Common carp and gizzard shad were also sampled. The common carp population does not appear to have had much success spawning this year, and hopefully the strong gamefish community will have a chance to control their fecundity. The gizzard shad have added to the forage base for the predators, but may impact the panfish growth rate. 

“Two new fish species (see photos) were stocked this week with the addition of 95 flathead catfish and 5,000 redspotted sunfish. This is an attempt to establish self-sustaining populations of these species in Emiquon. The new state record redspotted sunfish category will have to wait, Chef Todd!  It currently is on the state threatened and endangered species list.”

emiquon cats

emiquon redspot