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Controversy surrounds Marc Anthony

Sat, May 03, 2014

Marc Anthony 1

Over the past few years, Marc Anthony has become a very familiar face in the world of archery deer hunting.

The Goodfield ground hunter in the Ghillie suit who got part of his start as a writer with the now-defunct Prairie State Outdoors and later with Heartland Outdoors has gone on to pick up endorsements from top companies and speaking engagements at major events and is a writer for various major publications.

For the time being, all of that is coming to an end.

“I am pulling myself out of the industry altogether,” Anthony said Saturday. “I don’t want anybody else to be reflected in this stuff I am dealing with.”

Anthony is currently embroiled in a controversy that he said has kept him up for several sleepless nights. When we spoke earlier today, Anthony said he understood that Heartland Outdoors would probably want to cut ties with him as a result of the ongoing scrutiny. That has not happened yet, as Anthony’s posts are still active on our Website.

At issue are claims that Anthony misrepresented at least one of the bucks he has killed in the past several years. Anthony has built an industry-wide reputation as a hunter who has shot two dozen Pope & Young bucks and five that met the Boone and Crockett Club all-time minimums. And he says that 90 percent of those bucks have been killed on the ground.

Marc a buck

There are plenty of places you can read all about the current controversy and see pictures of a found-dead buck that looks like one Anthony said he killed in 2010. Below is a comparison of the two racks floating on the Internet.

Rack comparison controversy

In response to questions about the controversy, Anthony said, “I am a by-the-book hunter. I don’t cheat. I am not a poacher. I have done nothing illegal.”

Anthony did recently step down from the Illinois Whitetail Alliance, which explained the move with a Facebook post that said,

In light of recent events, Marc Anthony is no longer a part of the Illinois Whitetail Alliance leadership team. We’re not here to judge Marc’s innocence or guilt, but to move forward without any unnecessary distractions to the Alliance goals.

We hope that you’ll respect the integrity of this Facebook page, and not let things get out of hand here. This isn’t the place to discuss the situation that got us to this point. The Alliance is gaining strength and credibility in its efforts to take the management of the Illinois whitetail deer herd in a new direction, and any distraction from that mission here won’t be tolerated.

We take our mission seriously. This can be seen in the Alliance proposal asking for stiffer penalties for game violations. Integrity is the part of the foundation of this group, and we should all work together to make sure we instill the highest possible standards in the hunting community we all represent.

We hope this situation doesn’t divert attention away from the fact that the Illinois deer herd is in serious trouble and major regulation changes are needed before the start of the 2014 hunting season.

Thank you all for your continued support.

IWA leadership team.

As an entity, Heartland Outdoors is not yet passing judgement. We still believe in the idea of “innocent until proven guilty.”

But these are serious, though not really criminal, charges. Mostly at issue is the ethics of deer hunting, which is often a dicey realm.

As Anthony said, “Everybody in this industry wants to hate somebody.”

For now, we are waiting to see what comes of all this.





Don’t know anything about what is going on here ,but I am certain Marc will be much happier being “out” of “the industry”. Its probably the best thing that ever happened to him. Just the fact that deer hunting is called an “industry’ makes me want to puke.

Posted by yellowstone on May 03

This will be interesting to see how it plays out.  Its hard to deny that the picture in question is marcs deer from 2010 that he entered into the illinois deer classic and won.

Posted by clintharvey on May 04

You nailed it Yellow.  Anyone trying to make a living off of whitetail hunting has quite the job.  It has to be very stressful, although its hard to feel sorry for anyone making the attempt as the stress is all self induced. 
I am sure Mark will not respond, but if your following statement is true, clear this up and explain why the picture of the dead head in question is remarkably identical to the rack on your dead deer?

“I am a by-the-book hunter. I don’t cheat. I am not a poacher,” Anthony said. “I have done nothing illegal.”

Posted by CCHUNTER2024600 on May 04

Why not post the whole story and pictures of what he is accused of?  If it was anyone else you sure would.

Posted by hunttrapfish on May 04

Marc Anthony can try to play the victim by saying “Everyone in this industry wants someone to hate”

The fact is Marc Anthony is a fraud, liar, and a joke. He was fame and money hungry to sell more ghillie suits so he decided to buy a 190inch rack from Kansas and use his taxidermy skills to mount it to a freshly killed deer and claim he shot it off the ground. He even entered this deer into the Illinois Deer Classic. WHAT A LIE!

Jeff—You should post the entire story with photos on here. Your viewers deserve to see it.  Marc Anthony sat on this site for years all the while doctoring deer heads and claiming he shot them. Who knows how many deer he actually killed, and how many were legal.  The facts speak for themself on this one. GUILTY! What a moron.

Posted by SpikeBuck on May 04

FWIW…isn’t it true that if that deer was tagged as an Illinois deer then there IS a bit of law-breaking in the equation here?

Posted by tarcticus on May 04

Deer hunting as an industry, wow that was never the reason I started hunting, and I bet most of you fall into that same category. Have we lost sight of what we are all doing in the outdoors anymore ???  I hope not…..RTT

Posted by Ringtailtrapper on May 04

Maybe a distant relative of ‘ol Mitch Rompala?

Posted by goodsoil on May 04

What a poser!!!!! Anyone who has time to to think of the crap Marc Anthony has done needs a serious reality check.


Posted by SpikeBuck on May 04

Wow.  Minus a kicker or two around the bases, looks like the same deer to me.

Posted by buckbull on May 04

A buddy of mine got second the year his deer won at the illinois classic….

Posted by clintharvey on May 04

The reality is, if he doctored one deer and was unethical enough to lie repeatedly about it for years, how many other of his “trophies” were fake?

Heartland outdoors should distance themselves from Anthony immediately.

Posted by SpikeBuck on May 04

That’s really sad.  I feel cheated and disappointed.

Posted by Andy Meador on May 04

Marc Anthony has not let me down, the road deer hunting has taken has let me down. Don’t hate the player, hate the game.

Posted by yellowstone on May 04

Well said Yellowstone.  I agree but Marc isn’t totally innocent

Posted by Andy Meador on May 04

Lets not sugarcoat anything.

The pictures of Anthonys buck dont lie. He is guilty and a fraud and a liar.

Posted by SpikeBuck on May 04

There’s more than one buck that’s a fraud judging by the pics.  I’ve only seen one pic that I wouldn’t question

Posted by Andy Meador on May 04

First Ive heard of this story, but usually if someone is being investigated, its for a reason.  Being a taxidermist himself sure would have it’s advantages in making yourself look like a hunting superstar.  Wasnt too long ago that a local taxidermist in my area was busted for the same thing.  But he sure looked like a superstar until all those heads were taken away. The proof is in the picture. No 2 deer of that caliber can be exact twins. Sorry Mark but looks like the ghillie suit and taxidermy aint gonna kill all your bucks for you anymore. You’re gonna have to get out there like the rest of us and put some effort into it and hope and pray that a big one comes by. IDIOT

Posted by clintoncountysucks on May 04

It now makes alot of sense why Marc always said he didnt use trailcameras. This is because he never actually had any footage or history of his trophies because they didnt exist on his land. They were storebought from out of state.

The only thing larger then the fake 190inch deer is marc anthonys ego.

Posted by SpikeBuck on May 04

Shockingly he fooled alot of people when There should have been giant questions from lots of people.  Plain and simply his mature bucks were too damn balanced.  Deer that score over 170s are rare because they grow stickers and have side to side deductions.  Ive never seen a sticker or a mis match point or even a major difference in a measurement on any harvest he has ever had.  I always gave him the benefit of the doubt because i know how jealous hunters can be and never wanted to appear that way without proof but the probability of getting mature bucks over and over and over with that type of side to side balance is nearly impossible.

Posted by clintharvey on May 04

“Shockingly he fooled alot of people when There should have been giant questions from lots of people.”

Some people have had giant questions for a long time.  But most kept it to themselves as to avoid being labeled a pot stirrer or jealous.  Without serious evidence, it was always just circumstantial…..Now someone finally found the nail in the coffin.

Posted by bw on May 04

Karma has come to marc anthony. I have a feeling ghillie suit sales will soon hit rock bottom! Marcs little scheme was going on for years. No wonder he never hunted with anyone and his big buck kills had the most messed up camera angles and backgrounds only showing partial angles of the deer.  What a moron!!

Posted by SpikeBuck on May 04

Fraud and deception will always be a problem when you make too much out of keeping score…be it deer or bass.  What ever happened to just enjoying being outdoors, being with friends, and maybe, just maybe catching a few fish or shooting a deer, duck, goose or pheasant?

Posted by riverrat47 on May 04

I read the thread over on and the link to the antler brokers facebook page.  Pretty incredible story how the guy linked the antler brokers photo of the deer with the one Marc said he killed.

Posted by buckbull on May 04

That’s too bad.

“Just the fact that deer hunting is called an industry makes me want to Puke”.
My thoughts exactly! Couldn’t have said it better myself, nailed it.


Posted by mohican on May 05

This crap in deer hunting makes me sick as well!  Its a shame because I would guess a lot of people looked up to Marc before all of this.  Glad I jumped on board and bought one of those ghillie suits.  I don’t know if Ill be able to wear it now.

Posted by mossyoak on May 05

As I’d never seen it, I watched Walmsley score a deer at the classic this year.  While scoring the head, several other scorers walked by to take a look and make comments.  As I understand it, the pictured buck won the show at the 2010 Classic.  How would a deception such as Anthony is accused of slip by all these scorers?
I read the comments on Archery Talk, with many saying the skullcap, rack, etc, was off in the field pictures.  Wasn’t this deer, along with others he allegedly shot, on display at various Deer Classics?  Wouldn’t some of the many attendees have noticed something amiss and called attention to it?
I’m making no accusations or defending Mr. Anthony, I’d just like to have a few taxidermists and scorers chime in with their opinion on how or if this could happen.

Posted by riverrat47 on May 05

Wow. I’ve read this thread and the one on archerytalk and still left scratching my head. What is he really being accused of here? Buying the skull of a dead monster buck, creating a mount of it, and posing and tagging said buck as one of his kills?  Does that mean he made a full-body mount of the buck so that he could get those field shots? Or is that what photoshop is for?  If that is what photoshop is for, then couldn’t that have been used to create the original photo of the two racks side by side that created this controversy? Are there other photos/deer? o.O

Posted by Walston on May 05

They look the same, as my Dad used to say about my son, looked like he was picked outta your butt. Still I feel bad for the guy. He succumbed to the pressure of being the,  as Andy would say , top of the horn porn industry. It’s sad to be under that kind of pressure. I was always under the assumption that money was the root of all evil. Well apparently money and big booner antlers are now. Mr. Anthony has to be embarrassed beyond belief and his reputation and taxidermy business are going to suffer greatly for this if its true . I hope if these allegations are true , he comes forward like a man and apologizes for what he did and does not just slink away and hide in his ghillie suit.

Posted by knoxcounty on May 05

“I’m making no accusations or defending Mr. Anthony, I’d just like to have a few taxidermists and scorers chime in with their opinion on how or if this could happen.”

RiverRat…The comment I made in my post above is straight from a taxidermist.  And I know other taxidermists besides myself that have shared the same opinions for quite some time.

It absolutely could happen.

To mount a deer, you skin/cape it.  You remove the skull cap from the top of the head, and secure it to a manniken.  The tanned hide and the small portion of skull and antlers is all that remain from the original animal.  It is easy enough for a novice to put the skull cap back on incorrectly when mounting it.  I imagine it would be even harder trying to anchor it back into a fresh carcass…..thus the skull misalignment in the picture.  The poorly aligned skin and hair patterns around the burr.  And Marc’s reluctance to hold the last few deer he has “killed” up by the rack, like everyone would expect him to do.

But none of that would be caught by a scorer who is scoring a mount….that may or may not be correct.  I really don’t know of any scorers who I think have much knowledge of what the anatomy of a deer really looks like anyway.  A scorer just sees a rack and scores it.  The only thing I would expect them to catch would be the difference between a replica and a real set of antlers.  There are some pretty good replicators out there now.  But a trained eye can still tell the difference.

And I don’t know many people in the general public who would recognize things like problems at the burr to skin juncture, earbutt shape, or other anatomical issues seen in some of his photographs.  Heck, a LOT of taxidermists wouldn’t notice them either.  And that’s how he got away with it as long as he did.  The ones who did notice, didn’t go out of their way to run his name in the mud.

Marc should have spent some of his time wisely and joined the Illinois Taxidermist Assoc.  With some constructive criticism,he could have learned how to remedy these problems and improved his taxidermy work. Maybe he could have gotten away with this a couple more years!!!

Posted by bw on May 05

riverrat, i score some and im an antler addict and i dont think i could spot where a skilled taxidermist altered a rack with any degree of certainty..  And marc is a very good taxidermist.  I would like to hear from taxidermist that have had their hands on some of his racks and get their opinion on this.

Posted by clintharvey on May 05

Are you being serious? Nobody is saying he got a full body mount of the 190inch deer.  He shot a different, smaller buck, then cut the rack off and used his taxidermy skills to attach the 190inch rack to the freshly killed deer carcass. 
Nobody in their right mind would even think about doing that. Who knows how many kills were real, poached, storebought, and fabricated! Marc anthony if you are reading this be a real man and apologize for making money based off lies!

Posted by SpikeBuck on May 05

Thanks, that’s what I thought he was being accused of. I’m not defending or accusing but it sure looks like the same rack. I have, however, become very very suspicious of everything I see on the internet. As my good friend Abraham Lincoln has told me, don’t believe everything you see on the web.

Posted by Walston on May 05

Thanks much for the responses guys.  Having never being around taxidermy and only once observing a rack being scored, I had no idea…one way or the other.  Thanks again.

Posted by riverrat47 on May 05

This story is so bizzare. Anthony always put himself up on a pedistal.
This was a long time coming. His empire was built on deception and lies.

Posted by SpikeBuck on May 05

Find it amusing some are all butthurt.
So you were duped into buying a ghillie suit,
You paid for it - use it. You bought in to the reason why it could work then, why cant you have faith in your ability now???
What has become of our society these days? Anyone who has put in the time hunting should know how rare a BIG buck is,so someone who claims to have them all in his back pocket is… well you decide.
I have no idea if Anthoney is legit or not, and I could care less either way, and neither should you.
Therein lies the problem.

Posted by mohican on May 05

Mohican, i have killed mature bucks in a ghillie legally.  We have shot 3 mature bucks from 145 gross to 172 gross.  NONE were killed in the suit that marc designed.  The first year i took it hunting i was seen constantly by deer because his suit reflects light.  Its shiny.  I dont mean i was just seen by deer, i was SEEN before i could even see the deer many times.  When i removed the shiny material and worked on the suit it worked as well as my other much cheaper suits.  Also marcs claims of walking in the woods with the suit never stood up.  The suit makes its own noise and catches on everything.  I will tell you the 3 mature bucks killed were all three first time in that location which is the major advantage to ghillie hunting.

Posted by clintharvey on May 05

I read Higgins statement and am glad he put that out. Obviously anthony wants to run from the issue or he wouldnt have dissapeared in a matter of two days and deleted his facebook account. If i was anthony id either come clean or be getting a good lawyer.

Posted by SpikeBuck on May 05

My heart is truly breaking for Marc & also the people who believe this toxic dirt. This man is one that believes in family & the outdoors. He stood in a different catagory than the “Industry”. I agree as I have had a taste of that “Industry” and rumors spred about myself as well. Its truly ashame to watch ppl who thrive on news of the enquire. This “industry” shouuld be NOT of an indrusty but a community of brother & sisterhood. so many ppl get hurt in this and I couldnt image how he & his family feels. He has dedicated his time last year helping to re-build the city of Washington, Illinois. When I saw other “hunting celebs” who lived near this devistation sit on their couches at home posting FB selfies. He has mentored many in Taxidermy and is an incredible Father & Husband. I am sorry to say; I do not believe these accusations of this man. And if it is true, and you think you are better, PLEASE CAST THE FIRST STONE! But, I believe he obviously has suffered enough but all this. Glad, I want nothing to do with the caddy “industry” any more…. just look at all these reasons posted.

Posted by faithful_hunter on May 06

Thanks for chiming in Mr. Rompola. Didn’t know you cruised this site.

Posted by ToddC on May 06


I’m glad Marc has friends like you as he will need them during all of this for sure.  But, I must ask you this…since you think he is innocent of all of this and the bad guys are the ones accusing him, then how do you explain the pictures? 

I could only come up with 2 possible explanations:
1)it is a different deer.  I think this is a laughable notion.  I don’t think anybody looking at this honestly could possibly believe this.
2)It is some sort of photoshop/image manipulation trick to set Marc up and make him look bad.  I don’t believe this to be the case either.  I’m assuming this is what you think happened?

I hope I am wrong on all of this, but the evidence certainly does not look good for Marc.

Posted by shootist on May 06

I must be in the minority here because I never heard of this guy nor really care if I ever hear about him again.  I’ve never judged anyone by the big bucks that they shot.  I honestly think less of people who brag about only shooting big bucks.  They have lost sight of what hunting is really all about and their judgement has been clouded by big bucks.  Sure, everyone loves to shoot a big buck, but basing your hunting just around getting a B&C buck doesn’t sound fun at all.  If you buy products simply by people who only shoot big bucks you are wasting a lot of money.  I rarely buy anything I don’t research and get opinions from everyday hunters on reputable forums.  I actually go out of my way not to buy heavily endorsed products unless I feel they work from an everyday hunter standpoint.

Posted by Bigb on May 06

If in fact he is proven to be guilty. I really hope he isn’t, but if he is. How many think he should lose his hunting privileges for life?.

Posted by knoxcounty on May 06

He should lose his hunting rights for life is this is true, which I hope it isn’t.  I actually still thank Mark for the use of a ghillie suit, it is awesome hunting with one and have my own success.  I jumped quick to prosecute after finding this out, but all in all I hope its just a hoax.  I’m assuming everyone has looked at the picture with the dead head, in all honesty it kind of looks like a skeptical picture as well.  Does anyone else think so?

Posted by mossyoak on May 06

Are we talking about anything besides some pretty major ethics violations? Anything criminal?  gulp

Posted by Walston on May 06

I would think that there would be some type of penalty for falsifying information to the DNR…..

Posted by mossyoak on May 06

What would be criminal?. Other than a violation to the poor deer that died in Kansas and had his antlers pilfered and put on an Illinois liar buck. lol… Maybe he could be sued for fraudulence by the companies that he has contracts with?. Could they do that?. What a can of worms this man has brought upon himself. No matter I still feel sorry for the guy. Could they take the deer for putting an Illinois tag on it?. IDNR might have a field day with it. Just for that they might release mountain lions in the Bradford area , to which that is a rumor anyway, also heard they are chipped. Because Illinois has to many deer.

Posted by knoxcounty on May 06

i would like to know what has transpired since the day the post was released?  Any lawsuits with MA as plaintiff, defendant?  Where the DNR investication is if there is one (which i have heard rumored that there was).

Posted by clintharvey on May 06

Wow!  I have not been on here in a while.  Explosive allegations are being leveled against Mr. Anthony.  Disappointed because I’ve always enjoyed reading his articles on this site and thought that he seemed like a pretty solid guy.  But this also goes to show that we really don’t “know” a person when all we have to go on is the words they write.

Here are a few points I’d like to make and also some questions:  (And I’m not passing judgment as to Mr. Anthony’s innocence or guilt in all of this)

Who provided the photo of the rack that looks almost identical to the rack on the deer that Mr. Anthony claims to have harvested in 2010?  Can they be linked back to Mr. Anthony?  Do they have any prior associations where they could have an axe to grind against Mr. Anthony?  Is there any way that this picture can be authenticated?  With the technology that is easily available today, it is not hard to Photoshop something together, and the picture provided does not look to be of very good quality. 

Is B&C aware of all of this?  I sure hope they are looking into this.  Harvesting a B&C buck is a big, big deal.  Most hunters will never even encounter one while hunting, and I’ve read on here that Mr. Anthony has several (4 or 5) bucks entered into the B&C record books?  The integrity of the entire B&C organization is at stake if they don’t take this serious and launch some sort of investigation.  Seems like B&C may need to investigate all of Mr. Anthony’s B&C record entries, not just this one in particular.  And let me say that I’m not one to call for investigations, but I’m having a hard time getting past those pictures.  The racks look almost identical.  That’s a big problem for Mr. Anthony, no doubt about it.

If I were in Mr. Anthony’s shoes and there was no truth to these allegations, and with my livelihood at stake, you can bet I would obtain legal counsel and sue the pants off the person or persons that were putting this out there.  I would not be going silent and disabling my FB account (as has been stated on here and/or in, if the facts were on my side. 

Is IL DNR looking into this?  Seems like there may be some potential issues here regarding tagging. 

I’ve also read on here that Mr. Anthony is married and has children.  We need to be very careful about attacking someone before all of the facts are known.  It is quite possible that his wife and/or children could be reading these posts and I cannot begin to imagine what they may be going through right now.

But like I said in the beginning of my post, these are explosive allegations and must be investigated. 

Thanks for reading!

Posted by ConcernedILDeerHunters on May 06

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