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Just Fishing

Weekend Report

Wed, May 21, 2014

Cam and I were on the water by 6:30 Saturday. The air temp was 37 degrees! I can’t even tell you how tired of that I am. And after hearing about snow flurries the day before not too far north of us, I wasn’t sure what the fish would be doing. It turned out the fish still wanted to bite. Like last weekend we got a number of small bass on our muskie offerings throughout the day.

little largie

You’ll notice the spinning gear in this picture even though were fishing for muskies. With the cold air temps I just can’t take how cold my hands get when throwing a baitcaster so often I start with spinning gear until the day warms up. It took quite awhile on this day as the wind blew pretty steady over 12 mph.

The first muskie bite netted us a nice little 31 incher.

Pete 31 incher

Cam and I both had on most of our warm weather gear but we had refused to put on our bibs at the launch. It didn’t take long before I dug around and threw on my rain gear bottoms to cut down how cold the wind was making me. Besides the cold the trip was going great and we were enjoying our outing. More bass continued to bite and we also got a couple mid 20 inch skis. Its nice to see those fish in a lake as it bodes well for the future. Eventually I got bored with not catching and switched over to try to get some bigger bass with a spinnerbait. No leader, 12 lb. fluorocarbon, and of course I hook a nice 34 inch muskie. Fortunately the fish didn’t get the line in its mouth and we got it in the boat.


34 incher


Cam was throwing the tacklebox at them and still not connecting. He was getting a little frustrated when he finally got bit. Again it wasn’t a big fish but we were glad for the action.

Cams 31 incher


About mid afternoon we started thinking about calling it a day. It finally wasn’t painfully cold but it sure wasn’t as nice as its suppose to be in May. We got a nice surprise when Cam hooked up one more time. He landed a nice 34 incher to finish the day.


Cam's 34

We finished with 7 muskies and about 20 small largies. This led us to the conclusion we needed to come back the next day which we did. Unfortunately this fishing was much slower. Sometimes I think that second day after a major cold front is the worst fishing day. We boated two very small skis and a handful of bass. Once again Cam unloaded the taklebox looking for that magic lure. His determination should payoff sometime this year with a real big one, but not on this day.