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Just Fishing

Summer Slipping Away

Fri, August 08, 2014

No musical reference to this post. This will be more Joe Friday,“Just the Facts Mam.” Would anyone here even have heard of the show Dragnet? Anyhow, last time was about getting a better trolling set-up and breaking a pretty long drought. The last fish I posted was a 37 incher I caught July 21.

On July 22, not long after getting nothing casting for a hour, we repeated the trolling run that got me my fish the day before. The result was Cam’s personal best a 44 1/4.

Cam's Personal Best

Later in the day I got in on the trolling fun with a 38

pete's 38

We skunked the next day then got 2 the following day 1 casting, 1 trolling, mine was 32 1/2 Cam’s was 36.

petes ski


Cam's 36

The next day Cam got the only fish during a windy cold front that was 37. We tangled countless times and lost 3 lures in the process.


Cam's 37


Over the next few days we got out but only managed 1 30 incher.


30 incher


And then after another tough day we hit one of those magical days where the fish bit. It was all casting which is the way Cam and I both like it best.


30 incher


32 incher


38 incher>


41 incher


We actually missed a couple of nice fish trolling the next couple days. We have continued to work at fine tuning our gear to better get hooks in fish and fight them better. Cam lost one real big one probably over 45 so that’s kind of a sore spot, but a good problem to have. We only got one fish the next day a 34.


34 incher


After a one day breather the fish went nuts again. This time Cam got the whopper.

37 1/2”
37 1/2




42 1/4”
42 1/4


The big fish was something. Cam had been throwing the double 10 and doing the big, deep figure 8 most of the morning. On the cast he hooked up he finished this manuver and just had the back hooks in the water when the big fish decided to strike. It was total chaos, and then a nice photo.

And that’s the way the last couple weeks of July shook out for us. The whole time we continued to pull together info on Green Bay. I homed in on fishing with Brett Alexander. He has a pretty big reputation as one of the best guides up there. We were doing so well it made no sense to rush away from fish but things did slow as August began and we set up to fish with Brett on the one day he had open until October which was August 5. I’ll post about that adventure soon.


The final piece of this post is to put out some news that I hope some find interesting. Back in June I finished my career in education and retired. Next week will be the first time in more than 30 years that I will not report to school to begin teaching. That being the case, I will be a bit more serious on the guiding front and more importantly, more available. Fairly soon I hope to have a Facebook page and web page up for guys to go to for info about Fishing Friend Guide Service. For guys reading here you’ve known about this for some time. As you can see from my recent post fishing is good. If your interested in getting out you can contact me at 815 830 6110. Or if you want to email shoot me a note at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).


Congrats Cam on your new personal best muskie, that’s a heck of a fish! I spent a week in Canada with my attention on muskies and though I saw a few monsters, I couldn’t connect with anything over 36” but I did catch my first tiger! All but 3 were caught on a buzzbait (intended for smallies initially).

Posted by esox_lucius on August 13


We saw the pics of those bass from the canada trip. Awesome. Buzzbait muskies sounds pretty cool too.

Posted by Pete R on August 13

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