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Recent entries


Just Fishing

Spring Break

Sat, March 31, 2012

Because of the amount of fishing I did, I hope guys didn’t want a play by play of each outing. For the most part I’m going to pick out a few pictures from each trip and give a brief description of the outing. Here goes.

Cam was disappointed his break and mine didn’t match up. I pointed out we’d still hit the weekends and that would be lots of fun. My friend Scott had time off so he planned on being along on most of my adventures and Cam really likes fishing with him. With the weather being so nice we had to hit Spring. On the weekend before it was a muskie tournament. On this day it was a bass tournament. At least with that many boats they were mostly targeting another species. We did well and had a good day with great weather. The highlight was Cam getting his first ski on a baitcaster.

Cam's ski


Pete,s ski


Scott's ski


Sunday we decided to hit LaSalle. Normally I’d have been real excited, but with restricted hours and less than great fishing i wasn’t. Fishing was ok. We did manage a few nice fish highlighted by a 15 pound blue cat and a 3 pound smallie.


big cat


nice smallie


The weather really turned on Monday. We poked around at Spring since we had done so well a couple days earlier. Not so much. A couple small fish and a couple bass was it. Not even gonna bother with the pics.

I had a guide trip on wednesday so i decided to poke around on the Illinois in hopes the whites were going. My client Les was bringing his grandson out and was open to whatever I thought would be fun. If white bass are active it is a blast. Scott and I found a bunch and had a blast catching them. While we were on the water Les called thinking the predicted wind and weather change would make it too tough to go. Instead I was telling him when we would meet and the launch.


white  bass 1


Scott's white


On Wednesday it was a little tougher to find the whites but once we did we caught a good bunch. Les and Shawn had a good time and all together we caught more than 50 whites.


Clients with one of many whites


The weather was suppose to be completely sunny on Thursday so of course we never saw the sun. Scott prefers bass fishing to casting for skis so we decided on hitting Evergreen Lake. I figured I’d cast for muskie while he poked around for bass. There’s suppose to be plenty of nice largemouth but Scott only got a couple of small ones. Fortunately I poked two muskies which made the trip.



little ski



Evergreen muskie


By yesterday we were both pretty worn out. We were going to stay local but the weather report was much better down around Peoria than it was around here. It was predicted warmer but supposedly cloudy. We started down much later and stopped at the Bass Pro down there. By the time we left Bass Pro the sun was out and we never saw a cloud all day. To boot it was over 70 degrees and I wished all day I had shorts. With the way the weather had been the last few day we figured it would be tough and it was. We still got a couple small fish late in the day. We also ran into a couple bonus bass which was fun. We ran into Daune Serck who was also having a tough time but had gotten a couple fish.


nice bass



small ski


We were going to get out and do some more white bass fishing today but Scott wasn’t able to make it. I would have gone with Cam but he had been sick and home the last couple day and I didn’t think he was quite ready especially with how cold it had gotten. He still wanted to do something so we hit a pond around noon and caught a few largies.


Cam's nice largemouth


Tomorrow I’m going to hit the opening of Heidecke Lake with Dale Bowman. Normally the water is still pretty cold on April 1, but with the super warm March most anticipate fishing will be really strong. And that means there will be long, long line. I’ll bet there are some guys who will be there all night. Lets put it this way: its not the most fun part of fishing this lake. We’ll see.

Spring break has been a bunch of fun. While up and down weather put the fish off a bit we still managed to catch some fish and enjoy the week. Keep me in mind if you’d like to get out and do some fishing. Or let your friends know about me if you think they’d like to fish any of the places I go. I don’t really specialize on one place or one species. I like to fish for what’s biting and generally stay on a good bite most of the time.

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