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Just Fishing

Rambling Towards Summer

Wed, May 14, 2014

The last couple weekends have been typical spring for the Riedesel’s. We’re just working our way towards summer and fishing when we can. As I mentioned last time we are doing ok chasin skis but catching isn’t up to our usual standard. I tried to talk Cam into looking for stripers in LaSalle or whites on the Illinois River but he was having none of it. So chunking big plugs was the deal. Two weeks ago it led to lots of casting without much catching. Cam got nothing for our two days fishing and I got 1 nice 37 incher. That was the only bite and we only saw two other fish. Very slow to say the least.

Pete's ski


Again last Saturday I prodded Cam to do something else. This time he did consider it for a little bit and said if I wanted to we could go to LaSalle. It wasn’t a ringing endorsement and with improving conditions I wound deciding to cast for big ones some more. The action was better and I saw a nice mid 30’s fish in the first 10 minutes. An hour later I hooked up. After a couple of head shakes the fish got his head out of the water and threw the plug back at me. This is so exciting and deflating at the same time. Still there was some action. Then something new happened we started hooking a few small bass. While these bites weren’t what we were looking for at least fish seemed more aggressive. It took awhile but I finally got another bite and we landed a little low 30’s ski. It was nice to slim the net and it got us hopeful for a real one soon.


low 30 incher


Cam continued changing lures and working hard. It has been such a treat to watch him grow into a fine young angler. It didn’t matter on this day as he only moved one small fish on a bucktail. I got one more little fish and hooked another mid 30’s that pulled off. All in all not a bad day. We knew what we were going to do the next day.


Our final outing of the weekend turned into another good one. I moved a fish an hour in and after drifting by the area I spun around and fired a few casts at the area from another angle and bingo, fish on. After a great battle Cam coolly slipped the net under a nice 36 incher.


36 inch ski


Cam continued to see nothing and I tried to encourage him but this is one of the realities of muskie fishing: sometimes you just aren’t going to be the one to throw the right cast, at the right spot, at the right time. He was definitely going through this when he hooked up on a nice fish. He got to battle it for about 20 seconds and couldn’t even raise it near the surface when the hook pulled. We didn’t even get a look but we are sure it was a nice one. Cam went from thrilled to crushed in an instant. After some quiet time we caught a break when another, littler ski jumped on his plug. We got it boated and took a picture just because it had been too long between fish for him. The rest of the outing we again hooked a few small bass but that was it for skis.


Cam's little ski

And now I finally am getting this posted and counting down the days until Saturday. It never seems to get here fast enough.