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Just Fishing


Thu, June 23, 2011

A couple weeks back I picked up a little pond hopper. I knew as summer wore on I’d be looking at going to a few lakes which wouldn’t allow boats like the one I normally fish out of. A friend showed me a little suburban forest preserve lake a few years back that has some nice bass and for its location is pretty underfished. Cam and I had fun poking around there a few days back. Like most small, shallow lakes this time of year the weeds cover a large portion of the water. That means one thing for me: frog fishing. Cam and I landed a dozen nice bass that came up through the slop to blast our frogs. The nicest part was we were the only boat on the lake.

Frog bass.

largemouth bass


After finding out how nicely the pond hopper worked I convinced my buddy Dale to join me for a little Father’s Day fishing at his favorite local fishing hole, Mazonia. We decided after looking at a couple of the launches to choose the lake with the least boats. We only had a few hours and wound up not catching much but enjoyed the quiet beauty that surrounded us that afternoon. Actually, I guess I should be more specific. I caught nothing while Dale landed a small bass and 2 small cats using leeches. I thought all along that the black and blue jig and later a drop shot rig I was using would score me some bass, but I was wrong. I can tell from that outing I’ll be back to explore more of Mazonia’s lakes soon.


Dale and my pond hopper.

Mazonia Picture


I also have gotten out to the ponds I fish locally and have gotten a bunch of bass, again, mostly on the frog.

pond largie



pond largie 2


I have a bunch more lakes on my to do list if the weather will just settle down some. Right at the top of that list is Emiquon. I hope the bassin there will be anything near what it was 2 years ago.


Fishing Friend Guide Service 815 433-6109


Pete, I think you need to cut Cam’s hooks off for the first few hours you two are on the water together so that you can catch a fish or two grin

What an excellent little fisherman he is ...

Posted by Thad Hinshaw on June 24


As you would know, I couldn’t be happier that Cam is turning into a pretty good stick. I don’t mind taking pictures of him and the fish at all.

Posted by Pete R on June 24

Every photogragh is a compliment to his teacher !!!

Posted by Thad Hinshaw on June 24

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