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Just Fishing

I Hate Myself for Lovin You !

Sun, June 29, 2014

We’ve been chasing the big bite the last couple weeks locally. And, as per usual, sometimes its been good, and sometimes its been really bad. Noteably the last few days have been complete blanks. A few of the bad days at least we saw a couple fish or hooked a little one or two. The best times not surprisingly were on days where storms were blowing in and out.

One interesting development has been that we are catching more small fish,(under 25 inches), than any year in recent memory. Now its no secret that I often fish small to medium size lures during the course of many outings. You would figure that this would mean I’d get quite a few small fish. Until this year that really wasn’t the case. I don’t really know why. As Cam and I are targeting bigger fish more than ever, we both now throw big stuff,(over 9 inches), regularly. And even on these lures we are catching dinks. At least we know this is a good sign of healthy fisheries.

Cam and a little ski 1


Cam and a little ski 2


Cam and a little ski 3


We also would get the odd bite every so often. You wonder way they’d grab a 9 inch lure.


Pete's bass


While we didn’t get any real good ones during this stretch, at least we got some fun ones. If it wasn’t for these bites I probably would have swiched to bass more often.


Cam’s 37
Cam's 37


Pete’s 33
Pete's 33


Cam’s 35 1/2
Cam's 35 1/2


Cam’s 36 1/2
Cam's 36 1/2


Pete’s 32
Pete's 32


Cam’s 35
Cam's 35


Pete’s 30
Pete's 30


There’s been lots of travelin, lots of castin, and lots of laughin for Cam and I. Hopefully soon we’ll have a real dandy to talk about. Until next time, sing it with me and Cam and Joan.

            I hate myself for lovin you
            Can’t break free from the things that you do
            I wanna walk but I run back to you
            That’s why I hate myself for lovin you        Joan Jett


Great job guys! Good to see the small muskies, things should be good for years to come.

Posted by esox_lucius on June 29

that’s some awesome fishing guys!

And little Joan Jett headlines the Decatur Celebration this year!

Posted by walmsley on June 30


And the ones I’ve got pictured aren’t even the small ones I’m talking about. Turns out I didn’t take pictures of any of the real small ones around 20 inches or less. We caught at least 4 or 5 of those too.

Posted by Pete R on July 01

I’m not sure how many days that covers but throw in those 4 or 5 and you’ve caught a bunch of muskies! Hopefully those fisheries continue to produce good numbers for you. My favorite pike waters haven’t been real good the last couple years for some reason, my guess is the hot dry weather in ‘12 and ‘13 but not for sure. So far this year I have caught a decent amount of small < 24” .but nothing bigger. Hopefully that is a sign that the fisheries will recover.

Posted by esox_lucius on July 01

We did catch some. This post represented two weeks of fishing. We had a couple 3 fish days when the storms came in and at least 4 skunks. The fish are moving out deeper and since we fish shallow most of the time we find it harder to find them. As for your spots not being good for a couple seasons I think thats completely normal. On one of our regular lakes we haven’t caught a fish for about a season and a half. This is a lake where the years prior we often had multiple fish days. I think mostly conditions just get the best of a lake some years and the feeding windows are short and not when the fisherman are there.

Posted by Pete R on July 02

I hope you’re right, I’m ready for the cycle to be over though. I need to get into some big pike again!

Posted by esox_lucius on July 02

Well done on the fish fellas and dig the Joan Jett reference and lyrics as along with fishing I love rock n’ roll (couldn’t resist).  Keep up the catching and reporting, always look forward to what you’ve got going on the water.

Posted by 13bass on July 03

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