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Just Fishing

Chasing More Bass

Mon, June 02, 2014

After a fairly successful weekend last week fishing hybrids, Cam and I decided to stay on the coolers and continue fishing the small rods. Actually it wasn’t just last weekend that convinced us to chase bass. Thursday night we headed out after work to see if we could scare up a muskie and stuck out. With high temps and high skies predicted, Cam was ok with chasing bites. If you’ve ever fished hybrids you know that besides a vicious strike those fish pull. And so we set out.

I got a bit worried when the area that produced last week was completely dead. It took about an hour of searching before we finally hooked up. There was a bit more wind than last week and this fish had Cam running around the boat but we finally subdued this nice striper.

Cam's striper


We throw lots of shad colored cranks, small jigs, and even blade baits. You had to switch up it seemed and none of the baits was really a go to this trip. I finally got my first fish on a small salmo crank.

Pete's striper


The fish weren’t as concentrated as last trip and we had to cover lots of water to get a bite, but we did keep catching fish.


another striper


After we passed half a dozen fish I got the idea it would be cool to catch one on topwater and started throwing a PoP-R. No dice. I also found it terribly hard to slow down enough to chug this bait back to the boat. After Cam caught a couple more I switched back to a husky jerk and caught a few more too.


striper mania


As much fun as we were having it eventually started getting really hot by late morning. The bite slowed and again Cam pulled out the big plugs for a bit in hopes of finding a ski. That didn’t work and we weren’t enjoying the heat so we called it a day. Its been over three weeks since we’ve stayed on the water much past noon and that very unusual for us.


Even though we had done well Saturday we decided to stay close to home Sunday as again it was predicted hot and windy. We haven’t fished largemouth very much so we thought it would be fun and LaSalle has a good population of largies. Out there you don’t need to do anything fancy. Throw rapalas, plastic worms, and spinnerbaits and you should find some fish. We did.


Pete's largie 1


Cam's largie 1


Like many of the trips lately, the best catching was early and then the heat and sunshine started to get oppressive. Some of the better banks got pretty hard to fish as the morning wore on and the wind really started blowing. Cooling lakes are no joke in high winds as waves can routinely get over 3 feet. We tucked in away from the wind where we could and continued to get a few nice fish. Here’s the best fish of the day. I didn’t weigh it but I’m guessing it was over 4 pounds.


big largie


Cam and I talked about wanting to be a part of Troy’s Top 5 but we don’t usually weigh or measure bass. I’ll have to get a scale soon so we can join in on the fun. Like so many trips recently we quit early. Besides the wind, again it was uncomfortably hot and sticky. Are we ever going to get a few really nice days?




I always enjoy reading about your outings and would certainly dig having you guys pitch in on the Top 5 project.  You can never have too many fish pictures and fish stories in my opinion.  I realize not everyone is as obsessed with record keeping but suspect you will find it fun to track your weight as the year progresses.  Heck, I’m having a blast with the thing and I hardly have time to even go fishing as of late.  Best of luck and keep up the good work now that summer break has arrived.  Troy

Posted by 13bass on June 02

Troy. Cam and I enjoy your stuff too. We think its one of the main reasons to come to this site. I’m glad to hear you enjoy our stuff cause you always wonder when you take all that time if anyone cares. Besides that, I usually worry about the fish picture police, the lake police, the lure police, etc. and all those the others who feel the need to spoil the enjoyment fishing guys get from sharing. I’ve been amazed by all the great bass that guys have sent you pictures of. I feel a kinship with guys who walk the bank, or wade a stream, or angle from a boat on a lake in search of fish. But sooner or later there are some who feel the need to point out what they feel is wrong with information presented. And they usual start by listing some kind of credential, like that makes their opinion all the more important to listen to. AAHHHH. I’m frustrated just typing about it. As you know I addressed it a long time back in my blog. And so I saw recently the fish picture police showed up on your top 5 to basically call a guy who caught some amazing fish a lier. And maybe they don’t truly feel thats what they did, but that’s what it is IMO. Oh they probably feel their educating the offender, that’s why they needed to point out the credentials. That way, those type of mistakes won’t happen again. But it makes me crazy and gets away from what I want to get out of sharing. So it may be awhile before Cam and I join the TOP 5 even though we think its cool. I take terrible pictures and I wouldn’t promise my weights would be perfectly accurate. And if someone called me a lier it would drive me nuts.

Still I like sharing and just the other day had a guy on Shabby say he recognized Cam and me from Heartland and liked reading our stuff. Cool. If guys like reading it, I’ll try to keep posting.

Wow. You’d think I’d be in a better mood the first day of vacation. grin

Posted by Pete R on June 03

Beware the fish police!

Posted by Andy Meador on June 03

Pete I gotta say, I think you should jump in the top 5! I understand the frustration when some self proclaimed expert feels the need to rattle off their view of how a fish couldn’t possibly be as big or long or whatever they want to complain about, BUT they will always be there. I’ll admit I was a bit frustrated upon getting called out but really it’s no big deal. I know what I caught and so does my buddy who took the picture and that is good enough for me. There’s always gonna be a naysayer no matter what but don’t let it deter you from joining the fun!

I also want to tell you that I am another one that appreciates your efforts in the blogging arena here on Heartland. I don’t always leave comments, though I have tried to do more this year, but you, Troy, Jonn and the rest of the fishing crew are the entire reason I hang around Heartland. It doesn’t matter to me whether you guys post tips and tactics or do a little bragging, I LOVE reading anything involving fishing! I have a pretty major obligation keeping me from fishing as much as normal (hopefully time frees up in a couple weeks) which has been a bit difficult but blogs like yours are definitely helping to keep my fishing appetite in check. Keep the posts coming!

Posted by esox_lucius on June 03


I was definately bugged by comments about those fantastic fish you caught. And I appreciate your comments about my efforts at just fishing. Sharing about fishing has always been a double edged sword. I like reading about all fishing adventures and wish there was more of it out there to read. So, since I have so much opportunity I try to share here figuring a few like seeing it as i do.

Only reason it took me this long to comment back was I just returned from a 25th wedding anniversry trip to mackinac island. Back to fishing soon.

Posted by Pete R on June 07

I like to see the days you guys get out for the bass. I can’t help but think of the prospect of Cam fishing for OHS next year.

Posted by fishing_pirate on June 07


Cam is excited about high school and the fishing team. Headed north tomorrow to chase skis and bass.

Posted by Pete R on June 08

Mackinac Island eh? Did you by any chance get any fishing in there?? I don’t know about you but I’d have a heck of a hard time going to a place like that and not fishing at all even if it was for only an hour or two! Congrats on your 25th anniversary. Looking forward to reading more Just Fishing stories. Cam good luck with high school and the fishing team, sure wish I had an opportunity like that when I was in school.

Posted by esox_lucius on June 08

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