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Just Fishing

Back in the Saddle Again

Mon, July 21, 2014

After a too long drought which I’ve talked about in other posts, Cam and I have finally started putting fish in the net again. Man, what a relief. Again, its hardly a burden to chase fish around as a hobby, but if you know me, you know I’m pretty competitive, and if I’m going to do something, I intend on succeeding. Muskie fishing has a way of humbling you. I love that and hate that and it continually stokes my fire to get better, learn more, and fool those big predators. The last few trips we’ve done just that.

The skunk breaker came a week ago yesterday. It could have been the day before that but unfortunately Cam knocked about a 33 incher off at boatside with a shaky net job. It was a low point for sure as we had put in many days and hours without success and were close to at least having a small fish to hang our hat on. Cam felt worse than I did. In his defense it was a super frisky fish that had just 1 hook in the nose. When he started to lift he wasn’t quite quick enough and the hooks caught the rim of the net and he was gone. We talked often during this stretch about just grinding it out and it all ended the next day when Cam hooked up and landed a nice 35 incher.

Cams muskie


Finally back in the saddle we were excited to get out the next day until we saw the weather report for strong north east winds and a wicked cold front. Great! Seems like we just dealt with this twice lately on trips north! The only good thing was it was right on the full moon so we were going reguardless. It was quiet on the lake most of the morning as most had the sense to stay home early. We kept banging away but I wasn’t too confident. Cam was throwing a big bucktail into a stiff breeze and I was lucky enough to turn just in time to see a beautiful ski slip up on it and engulf the plug. FISH ON!.After a tough battle I netted Cam’s thick 41 incher, his 3rd 40 + of the season. What a thrill.


Cams big ski


This could have been the beinging of a real big fish streak. Unfortunately, I had a doctor’s appointment in Chicago Wednesday and Cam had one scheduled Thursday. Bummer. We did go out in the evenings on those days but didn’t get any fish. The one highlight was one evening we met Greg and his daughter. They were out casting away also. We really enjoyed talking muskies with them and finding out that Greg’s daughter, sorry, don’t remember hearing your name, was trying for her first ski. Not only that, Cam thought she was cute. Good luck to them And I’m sure they’re enjoying time together just as Cam and I are.

On Friday we got back at it and I got a nice 36 1/2. This time Cam got it in the net and we got our pic before it swam away.


Pete's Ski


We spent a good portion of the day trying to double up and had a couple nice fish follow to the boat but couldn’t get a second bite and finally called it a day. With the nice weather report we wondered about going out with the crowds Saturday but decided to brave it at least for awhile to see if we could rile up another fish. Cam did this in the first 10 minutes before most people had launched with this 30 incher.


Cam's 30 incher


It was real calm for a couple hours and with bunches of shad on the surface all around the lake I put on a bass size jerk bait and got a couple hybrids and Cam got 1 largemouth.It was nice to change gears even if it was just for a little while.

We are getting ready to take a trip to Green Bay for some serious size muskies. To do this we need some trolling rod holders. Unfortunately, my boat doesn’t really want to accomodate them. The last few days we’ve been drilling them into the floor of the boat and you’ll start to see them show up in the pictures as we start practicing with them. Saturday I got my first fish using one of them, a nice 32 incher.


pete 32 incher


We were happy with a small double for the day and Cam wanted to drive a little which I don’t let him do too much. I was pretty surprised when he said he was hooked up and then landed a little 28 incher to make it a triple Saturday. We left feeling good considering at times we could count 50 boats around us in plain view.


So with the success of having one rod holder in the floor we swallowed hard and drilled holes for three more yesterday. Because of the way this boat is laid out there are very few places they can be so we were worried as we got to the lake this morning. We casted for a couple hours without a sniff and decided it was time to try or new set up. It started out ok but it is pretty tight for room. Before we could worry too much, BOOM, fish on. It was a little crazy getting the other rods in and out of the way but in the end Cam netted a nice 37 incher for me. This was a great way to start a new adventure with 4 rod trolling.


pete 37 incher


After we got set up and started again the trouble began. On some of the turns lines would foul with one another. Once you got the tangled lines in, getting it untangled was a challenge. We’d start up again to find that some lures ran fine and other liked to spin out at certain speeds. Weeds would foul plugs over and over. Boat traffic, even on a Monday was a challenge. Getting snagged was a major headache and we lost a couple expensive lures that way. Still, we caught a fish. This is something we needed to do because Green Bay is so vast much of the fishing is done trolling. Now we have a bunch of fine tuning to do to become efficient at trolling. And hopefully we’ll also keep catching fish.


Great job guys! Good luck up in Green Bay, hopefully you don’t have to worry too much about tangled lines unless it’s caused by hungry fish.

Posted by esox_lucius on July 23

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