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Just Fishing

August Report

Thu, September 04, 2014

After Green Bay almost any fishing was going to seem good. That experience just didn’t go well. Sometimes trips are like that. Cam and I got back to doing what we know and that got us back to catching muskies. For the most part its been a bucktail bite most of the summer for us. I generally like to throw crankbaits which explains why Cam is getting a good percentage of the good fish this year. But in August I’ve done a little catching up.

nice ski


pete and ski


40 incher

We had a real nice day on Cam’s last day of summer vacation when he boated a 38 1/2 and a 34, and I got a 38.

Cam's 38 1/2


Cam's 34


Pete's  38


With Cam back in school I got back to fishing by myself. Of course I don’t enjoy this nearly as much. And it has other drawbacks too.


headless fisherman


Still, every so often I’d find a few cooperative muskies.


another ski


Pete's 41

Last weekend was the end of August and the holiday weekend. We knew people would be out in droves so we decided not to fish much. We played some golf, which Cam is just getting into, but we did get out for a couple hours in the fog one morning and Cam leaned back and hook up with this bruiser in the fog. He measured at 40 1/4. What a great way to end the month.


40 1/4


I now have my page up on Facebook for Fishin Friend Guide Service. I hope guys who have been reading my stuff here will come over there and check me out and let others who like to fish know about me. If you want to get out this fall you can get ahold of me at 815 830-6110 or email me at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)


Great job guys, what a nice bunch of muskies! Great way to end the summer, too bad it went so fast. Hopefully fall is good to you!

Posted by esox_lucius on September 04

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