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Just Fishing

A Cool Start to the Year.

Mon, March 23, 2015

Guys who have read my blog for awhile know I have focussed on muskies over the past few years. This season the ice has gone off slowly so it has forced me to turn my attention to other opportunities and that has been a good thing. LaSalle Lake opens March 15th each year and is loaded with fish. I especially love fishing for the hard fighting hybrid stripers. I’ve gotten out a few times already this season and have not been disappointed. Both me, my clients, and friends have all caught some good fish and had a great time. Below I’ll post a few pictures of some of the better fish caught. If you’d like to get out with me on LaSalle or some of the other trips I do look me up on facebook at Fishin Friend Guide Service or call me at 815 830 6110. Make sure to check the facebook page regularly as this is where I will do most of my posting now.

7 Pound Hybrid


big bass


nice hybrid


nice smallie


another hybrid




Cabin Fever ( Added Info)

Mon, January 19, 2015

Winter is dragging me down. Last weekend we got to the muskie show in Chicago which was a nice break from the hard water season. As I’ve mentioned a few times I’ve shifted much of what I post to my Fishin Friend Guide Service Facebook page and I hope you’ll come over there and like me. Today I thought I’d try to put up just a few items that someone else might like to add to there tackle collection that we just don’t use anymore. It would be for local pick up here in Ottawa and cash only.

I have 3 items:

Shimano Convergence 6’ 6 XHeavy Rated for 1-3 oz. lures   30.00 $

Shimano Compre split grip 7” 6 Heavy/fast Rated for 3/4-2 oz. lures 50.00 $

GLoomis GL2 Spinning 8536 Medium rated for 10-16 pound test w/ a Quantum PTi 30 in great shape
the rod was originally around 200 and the reel 150.  I’m asking 180.00 $

I just have way too much. If this works for any of you guys let me know.  815 830 6110 of email me on the site

sale stuff




Here’s a shot of the fishing room at the house. Can you see why I say we have too much? I picked out a few pieces that I thought would be good buys but I would sell much of this at a bargin. Cam and I are getting into longer and longer muskie rods and have many in the 6 1/2 to 8 ft range. We also have to many spinning reels in the 30 size and rods in the 6 1/2 to 7 range and a few nice baitcast reels. Shoot me a note if you have a want to buy list with this type stuff, especially if its for a kid as this stuff served Cam well.  .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)


Too much stuff


Nightmare Confirmed

Sat, December 13, 2014

I drive by Allen Park almost every day. It is one of the first spots I got to know when I moved here back in 92. The Illinois River was the first spot I fished, and I fished it regularly for many years. It was just 5 minutes from home and full of white bass, and if you knew what you were doing you could catch smallies and some largemouths too. Eventually my range expanded but I’ve always had a soft spot for the Illinois around Ottawa. Unfortunately the invasion of carp:asians, silvers, and bigheads for more than a decade now has destroyed much of what was a wonderful fishery. While you can still catch some fish, it is nothing like it was, as beneath the surface the invasion has reached mind boggling proportions. You’ve probably seen videos of jumping carp as they are scared from shallow waters in some parts of the Illinois and other southern rivers.This is a bad problem but not the only one. To my knowledge bigheads don’t jump, but they are no less devastating to a waterway. They spawn so much and grow so large and so fast that they simply take over any place they swim. Today I saw the evidence. The DNR was seining just upsteam from Allen Park today in an attempt to control them. To do this they drop a large net in the water and then slowly draw it into a circle to trap everything in the middle. They caught this many in one try. Just once! I took a couple pictures of the results.

bigheads from the Illinois River near Ottawa



more bigheads


They estimated the catch at 110,000 lbs. That is the nightmare that continues under the water in the Illinois. As I walked across the bloody parking lot I could only be depressed.


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