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Non-Typical Hunter

When everything lines up

Sun, October 28, 2012

It’s evident now that early season techniques are behind us now. The lull period, in which some believe, is currently here. The lull is really just another whitetail behavior transition which won’t last too long and next week is going to be one of the best weeks to bow hunt whitetails, especially around the 31st and beyond.

We have cooler weather and the pre-rut kicking in, which should be enough motivation to get you outdoors. The necks on the local bucks are already big and the does are just a few weeks out from peak estrus. In fact, we’ve already saw bucks chasing does even though the does aren’t ready. Prime time for you rut hunters is just a stones throw away!

I’ve been so swamped with work lately, I can’t seem to find more than one day per week to hunt, so I’m using that one day carefully. I’m trying to pick the best day I can to offset the odds of seeing no action. Proper timing for cold fronts in addition to the right time of day, can really help when time is a factor. Even though I have two doe and one buck tags left, I’m not going to shoot wastefully. I feel we still have time to work the rut and the post rut effectively. One thing for sure, In the areas I hunt, deer quantities are definitely way down. Some areas of Illinois got the “double whammy” with hordes of tags sold in the previous years and now EHD, which is more widespread than you may think! The state was hit especially hard this year.

I think it may be time to use a little bit of lure, even if it just gets their curiosity going. Hanging a wick just outside your stand may entice them to show up. I used to drag a cotton ball and load it down heavier as I got close to my stand to bring them in, then I would walk in a circle 20 yards all around my stand before dropping the cotton at that 20 yard circle. The circle allows them to walk all the way around it while sniffing, offering you a chance along the way to get a good shot off. It’s very effective in a tree stand or from the ground.

Remember, if you kill something worth mounting, cool it down ASAP to prevent damage on the cape. Don’t cut the brisket to smithereens too! If in doubt, call your favorite taxidermist for advice before beginning the cutting process. Don’t forget to field dress it right away to give you great tasting meat. If you kill a big buck, age it and it will taste awesome! Don’t let anyone tell you that a big buck tastes horrible.

Like always, good luck and the best to you!


OK Marc you’ve probably gotten this question a 100 times and I may have asked you this previously.  I am planning on going out this weekend and am excited about hitting the woods.  I have a decoy and was thinking about bringing it out.  Do I want to do this?  If so, should it have the antlers on or off?  Any other tips/tricks would certainly be appreciated.

Posted by GalenaBob on October 28

I would wait just a little bit longer on the decoy GALENABOB. I’ve found if you use just a doe, sometimes it will spook other does. If you wait another week, you could use a buck with small antlers and a doe. That usually does the trick during the early and mid stages of the rut. This is just my opinion and by no means carved in stone, but that is the setup that has worked best for me when I hunt the rut.

Posted by Marc Anthony on October 28

Marc just to let u know get that buck decoy out.  One of my hunting partners shot a 160 10pt tonight off a decoy.  He came in from 100yds ears pinned back and all.  Best thing is got it all on video!!  Evening was slow besides that saw 6 bucks this morning one being 150 8pt.  Good Luck..

Posted by muzzyman on October 28

Wow! What part of the state Rage? I see them doing some chasing here in central IL. but not too much aggression. It’s been hit and miss here, which is usual for this time of year but things will definitely heat up soon all over. I stuck a buck early in the week and I must say, his neck was in full swell. October 31st, which is one of the hottest days traditionally to hunt, is only a few days away! Congrats to your buddy!!!

Posted by Marc Anthony on October 28

Marc,  Thanks for the advice.  I too would like to know what part of the state Rage’s buddy shot the big buck?  Rage do you know what type of set up your friend used?  Edge of the field, in the timber, how far away, etc.?

Any chance you can post the video for your friend?  I’m sure a whole of us would like to watch it and be jealous….

Posted by GalenaBob on October 28

He shot the buck up by Clinton and the footage will be on ” Capture the Passion” season 2. Season 1 videos are available for sale right now. Go to the Capture the Passion website for details. I think its www.ctpteam.com but not positive, you may want to Google it.

Posted by yellowstone on October 28

GALENBOB, He was on a field edge.  The buck came out with 3 does from around 100yds away.  He saw the decoy came in and circled down wind of course and gave him a 20yd shot.  It was the classic set up.  Marc it was here in central Il.  I agree it is a little early, but now is the time to get a little aggresive in tactics.  Marc check out our site at CTP2011.com.  You will like it!!!  By the way GALENBOB I am always happy to see someone else have success in harvesting a deer let alone a mature animal.  Jealousy in this sport has turned grown men into little boys.  I see why some hunters don’t even let people in on what they are doing.  It was tough for us as a group to finally start producing videos of our hunts.  Trust me I’ve already heard all of the jealousy that’s been circulating.  IT’S UNREALLLLLLL!!!  Good Luck and get out and hunt…

Posted by muzzyman on October 29

Rage, this a great example of how fast deer transition from one behavior to another. Other than some chasing, I’ve seen no real rutting activity last week. Because of that, I spent last week deep in the timber. I ended up scoring on a 170” typical at 11:00 am. From here on out, it will be all pre-rut technique, at least for the next two weeks. I’ll check out your website!

Regarding jealousy, just turn your head. I think GALNEBOB was being funny and not serious when he stated that above. I continue to share my failures and successes because I still enjoy seeing others do the same. I’m always happy for other hunters and I don’t care what they shoot. Life’s too short for nonsense.

Posted by Marc Anthony on October 29

Have’nt even been out yet,too busy with work and racing dirt bikes. Upcoming period is favorite to be in the woods with a bow in hand, to bad had to work last weekend, I’ll bet alot of deer went down. But I do have vacation nov. 7 to the 14th and I bowhunt Dewitt county just southeast of Clinton.
Rageinthecage howzabout a link to that 160 10pt. in the meantime to get me even more fired up?

Posted by mohican on October 29

I watched a decent 2.5 year old chasing a doe last night followed by a real nice 4.5 year old eight point (probably 145” or so) that started pushing her around as well.  He never got closer than about 60 yards.  I wish I was in my field edge stand with the deek last night.  I beleieve it would have been enough to draw him in.  Looking forward to tonight’s hunt.

Posted by Treehugger on October 29

WOW! All this talk has gotten me pumped! Start my vacation the 31st. CANT WAIT.

Posted by 2 too many labs on October 29

The wind is right, the barometric pressure is right, and the bucks are having textbook reactions to it all.  I think this entire week is going to be great.  Especially today and again on Wednesday after the high winds Tuesday settle down again.  Right after high winds, with barometric pressure around 30.30, the getting should be good.

Posted by Treehugger on October 29

We’re getting a lot more bucks showing up on our trail cams now. Unfortunately, (1) they are nocturnal - mostly occurring within an hour after sunset, just after shooting time; and (2) I can’t hunt yet with other work/life demands. It’s still good to know that there are some bigguns out there that haven’t succumbed to EHD.

Posted by Walston on October 29

Rage,  Marc hit the nail on the head…  Please don’t take my comment as being anything other than a compliment!!!  Thanks for the advice and sharing your buddy’s story.  The only thing that I am jealous of is not being out in the woods when others can get the time off work and live closer to the ground I hunt.  Once again, I am thankful of the advice and the story.  Keep them coming and good luck to everyone this week in the woods.

Posted by GalenaBob on October 29

Marc, where the heck are the pics and story of you putting a nice one down??  Congrats!!

Posted by CCHUNTER2024600 on October 29

I didn’t write one here on HO. I’ll probably post some pictures later or you can go to me website and see them: http://nontypicalhunter.com/2012/10/23/october-lull-tactic-pays-off/

Posted by Marc Anthony on October 29

RAGEINTHECAGE - I think most people are ok with others filming their hunts.  I also think we’re all for sharing information on failures and successes.  It’s the commercialization of hunting by teams of hunters selling their videos that is part of the problem with hunting today.  Seems very unethical for a team of hunters to come into a property based upon word of mouth to take a deer that the average guy has possibly been hunting for years.  Often times this is done without any regard for the guys that have already been hunting that area for awhile.  I’ve had several such hunting production teams come into my hunting area and ruin it for those of us who’ve put the hard work into scouting, planting food plots, and keeping the pressure off the deer.  How bout these production teams quit capitalizing on the hard work of others, and develop their own properties? Just showing up on a property and killing deer isn’t hard if someone else has already done all the work for you.  That’s UNREALLLLLL!!!!

Posted by nohuntingshowteamaccess on October 30

I love watching me some DIY self-filmed hunts on YouTube!  (hint, hint…)

Posted by Walston on October 30

NHSTA, Before you post your opinion in reference to my post maybe you should of went to my site and you could of read what were about!  Everything we do is done on private property self guided hunts that we put the hard work into ourselves.  With that being said maybe you need to realize that in todays hunting world if you don’t own your property, lease property, or maybe are fortunate enough to know someone that lets you hunt your are screwed.  That leaves Public ground hunting and that can be a huge circus in itself.  Sorry you have had some bad run ins with some hunting production groups but that’s not the case for everyone (obviously you didn’t have control of the ground).  For showing up on a property and killing deer it just doesn’t happen.  There is a lot of luck involved in getting a crack at a big deer let alone having enough time to be out hunting.  If anyone has hunted long enough they know that.  There is nothing unethical about another guy shooting a deer that someone else knows about.  Thats whats called “free range”.  Commercialization of hunting has been going on for decades and if anything is at an all time high just look on T.V. or go to a sporting goods store.  If you don’t like it you have a choice not to support it but don’t put the next guy down for pursuing his interest.  Whats UNREALLL is that I even have to post this!!!!

Posted by muzzyman on October 30

RAGEINTHECAGE - I said some, not all.  One of my primary rules of hunting is to be considerate of others around you.  Doesn’t matter if it’s private or public ground.  I worked hard for years to buy my own land.  I worked to maintain a good relationship with my neighbors, and be courteous and respectful of when and where they’re hunting.  Unfortunately, several of these hunting show produciton teams showed up on my neighbors property and it impacted us greatly.  As a result the neighbor will no longer allow those teams on his property.  Just because it’s a circus out there doesn’t mean we have to follow the poor example set by others who’ve taken the “every man for himself” attitude.  Yes, the commercialization of hunting has been getting worse for years for a number of reasons, but that doesn’t mean that those who “join the crowd” are doing what’s best for hunting.  I’ve been hunting 40 yrs, so I probably have just as much experience if not more than you.  I’ve killed several P&Y deer.  I’ve just never felt the need to thump my chest and show everyone on camera how bad I am because I just killed a mature deer.  It’s pathetic and bad for hunting.  The majority of the people that produce these videos for sale have lost site of what hunting is really supposed to be about.

Posted by nohuntingshowteamaccess on October 31

What is hunting SUPPOSED to be all about? I think its different for everyone. For a few of my buddies its seeing how many deer they can kill, one guy racks up 15-20 every year. For him its about that. Some people hunt mature bucks, for them its about that. Some like to capture their memories on video and try to accomplish that goal. No one really hunts for the meat anymore, lets get real. Sure it tastes great, but no one in their right mind is going to spend $1000 on a bow, $300 bucks on clothing, money on soaps and lures and arrows and broadheads and licenses and tags and deer processing to get “FREE” meat for the table.  It’s about what its about for each individual.

Posted by yellowstone on October 31

RITC & YS - You’re responses only further prove my point….some people just never get it.  It’s sad that hunting has come to this….I’ll leave it at that.

Posted by nohuntingshowteamaccess on November 01

Hunting has come to what hunting has come to, things change, and its pretty sad. The guy that buys no license or permit, takes the rifle his dad gave him and shoots a deer, takes it home and cuts it up ,and feeds his family, is the closest you will get to what hunting was originally ,and maybe what it is “supposed” to be. Things don’t work like that anymore, everyone has to feed the pig. I feel your pain for sure, and agree hunting has deteriorated over the years ,and that will continue to happen. I still wonder what I “don’t get” but since you won’t give any specifics, I don’t know what you mean. I wish my biggest worry when I went into the woods was a guy on the property beside me filming his hunt.

Posted by yellowstone on November 01

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