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The shop’s filling up

Thu, October 21, 2010

The phone in the taxidermy studio is starting to ring again. A call this morning from a Champaign Co.  man bringing in a 151” 8 pointer killed over the weekend,  started off the day.  Last week, the bucks that were brought in had little necks but that is starting to change. I had some trail camera pictures from a place I’m hunting in Kansas this year sent to me last night and the necks on those bucks were absolutely huge! It won’t be very long before we’ll be seeing that here also.

Like mentioned before, I think we’re going to have a banner year. Like last year and the year before, I’ll be able to tell when the rut really kicks in by the amount of heads I get here. That’s one nice thing about being a taxidermist, you get to see the necks get bigger by the day as they are being brought in. For those of you who hunt the rut solely, I’ll post the activity as it heats up! I’ve seen the peak rut, based on big bucks killed, as early as the first week in November here in Illinois and as late as the third week in November. Every year some hunters see the activity pick up and claim an early rut but in reality, the activity always picks up this time of year, so it’s best just to keep an eye on things and stay in touch with other sources. My bet is the second week will be the peak but certainly don’t do yourself an injustice by avoiding the first week!

Rut or no rut, they’re out there! Hunt them hard or hunt them easy but the bottom line: Hunt them! They won’t die from your couch.


Big bucks are evil.  They have taken many of my dollars, many hours of sleep, and much heartache.  They must be killed.

Posted by Treehugger on October 21

Just saw that we are supposed to have a major drop in temps on the 28th.

Posted by Treehugger on October 21

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