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Non-Typical Hunter

The cooler weather paid off

Wed, October 13, 2010

What a day! Nearly 2 weeks in the timber and 2 does to show for it, before today. I like does, so that wasn’t a derogatory remark,  it just wasn’t what I was after. I had a hunch, with the weather change and temps dropping this morning, that it would cause these deer to move. Boy did they! At least where I was hunting.

Got out of bed at 3:00 am.showered, drank coffee and made the 2 hour drive to the farm. Made it to the woods at 6:20 am. At first light, which was only 25 or so minutes later, a couple of does walked by me just a few yards away. They meandered around for about 10 minutes (OK, maybe 5 but it seemed like 10) until one of them got nervous and moved over about 40 yards. The other does then followed. A forky walked by me at 10 yards making me think I set-up way to close to the action. 20 minutes later, a buck (that I thought was a doe) moved into my area, again at 10 yards. This was THE monster! He was too close for me to shoot, so I let him walk out to the 15-20 yard mark and punched both shoulder blades out and literally dropped him in his tracks! What a rush!

It doesn’t get much better than that! So I packed up and headed home for some much needed rest. I’ve been getting up too early for too long and needed a nap! When recreation becomes work, it’s time to back off. I’m looking forward to more cooler weather and shorter days. It’s getting good now and I have some more tags to fill, so looking forward to some more action!

Anyone else have any luck today?


You can’t tell a story like that without a pic….

Posted by Nate on October 13

Ok, here’s some pictures! I thought Jeff was going to post some pictures in another blog regarding recent bucks shot, etc, so I didn’t want to saturate the site with these pictures. It was a good day!

Posted by Marc Anthony on October 13

You are the man.  I don’t know ow you do it….but you certainly do it.  Congratulations on a true whopper!  You know a good taxidermist?

Posted by Treehugger on October 13

Congrats Marc! Glad to see that pesky tree rat didn’t create difficulty this time!

Posted by G on October 14

WOW!  What a dandy!  Congrats!

Posted by OZ on October 14

oh yeah! much better story with the pics!!

Posted by Nate on October 14

Nice work!  That guy is huge.

Posted by jcurri on October 14

Marc strikes again! Did it fit in your 4-wheeler trailer?  Nicely done!

Posted by Walston on October 14

Man, Thats a great buck Congrats!

Posted by mdoc on October 14

Great story and great deer! Congrats Marc!

Posted by Mallardmike on October 14

Real curious to see how that buck scores, Marc.  Looks like there isn’t more than two inches difference from side to side (the brows).  Man, is that thing symmetrical.

Posted by Treehugger on October 14

Thanks for the congrats everyone! Someone sent me an email that said “Your Ghillie suit should go into the Smithsonian” grin I like that! All in fun of course.

Treehugger, I scored it at 183” typical and it should net around 179-180”. I’m usually not off much, so it should be close. My KY. buck ended up being 184” gross and 179” net, so I was 2” low. All in all, I really don’t care too much about the score…OK, I just lied, but lets just say that I won’t lose sleep over the score, I just like to go after them. This guy caused my many sleepless nights.

I might wait a few weeks and hunt the rut just to see what kind of transients come through. I’ll hunt does for the next week as they’ll come out of the woodwork over there where I’m hunting now. It’s fun seeing deer again!

Posted by Marc Anthony on October 14

Great deer!!! Hope to hear more stories.

Posted by OvercupArcher on October 14

Hell of a buck Marc, nice work!

Posted by Nemo on October 14

You know, he doesn’t even look that old.  He looks like a 4.5 y.o.  How old do you think he is, Marc? 
183”....That’s it?  I’d have passed him up.  Yeah right.

Posted by Treehugger on October 14

I just talked to Tim Walmsley about his age and we agreed he’s probably 4.5 or even 3.5 at the youngest. His field dressed weight was 200 lbs but his neck was still small, his snout didn’t have much cartilage damage from previous fighting but his back and belly were sagging. Not sure if he would have gone NT next year or even bigger as a typical. I sure wasn’t going to let him walk to find out! LOL

Posted by Marc Anthony on October 14

I just looked at the pictures again and figured out exactly how old he is.  He’s exactly as old as he’s gonna get!

Posted by Treehugger on October 14

Very nice deer Marc !!!

Posted by Lynn on October 14

WOW, Perfect buck.  congrats.  I know a good taxidermist if you need one. LOL

Posted by MattS on October 15

great looking deer Marc, nobody kills them from the ground like you do

Posted by coop 351 on October 15

That is a beautiful buck.  One of the prettiest I’ve ever seen in fact.  It is ridiculously perfect.  Congrats on another awesome hunt!!!

Posted by shootist on October 19

Great buck, Marc.  I am jealous of your opportunity to hunt as much as you do.  Bill Brown

Posted by bb5526 on October 20

Thanks Bill. No need to be jealous. There’s a price for everything and I’ve paid it!

Posted by Marc Anthony on October 20

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